What does it mean when a guy writes <3 in a text 2 days after meeting you?

I'm a first year college student and I recently walked up to a guy with my roomie and started talking to him randomly because we were bored and we wanted to make friends. He is 21, I'm 18. The first night we met he gave me a hit of his cig because I just wanted to try one and my roomie said that my mom would kill her if she found out. Then he invited us to his room to watch movies, then the other night he brought us alcohol (he didn't drink with us though) and last night when I texted him "thank you and goodnight" he texted back, "hahaha, no problem remember don't drink to much and be careful <3" what exactly does this mean because I do like him, but this just has me so confused? PLEASE HELP.


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  • thats odd, I've never heard of guys texting that little heart thing but he clearly likes you but telling you that he doesn't want you to get hurt but I would be careful with older guys I would recommend taking it slow because older guys do have more experience and you don't want to get taken advantage of especially with alcohol involved... but on a lighter note it sounds like he likes you! and dating older guys is fun!

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  • Probably it doesn't mean anything... he's just being gentle/caring, but well.. actually being gentle and caring means something, so yea.. maybe he's trying to get into your pants or maybe he's just a nice guy, it's up to you to find out.

  • It means he likes you. Keep hanging out with him and see how it goes. And be careful drinking at a guys apartment when he isn't even drinking with you. Go for it, but keep your head about you.

  • It probably means he's trying to sleep with you. Or he's a really nice guy. I guess you would have to know him more.


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