Does still being angry mean he's still in love with her?

If you're dating a guy about 3-4 months, and things are going very well, yet he has told you about his ex and it ended badly about a year ago. But he is still really angry at her - would you take this to mean he is still in love with her? He doesn't seem to be at peace with her, or the situation or anything.

I'm not sure what to think. Does anger mean strong feelings still remain? Generally it does right?

Any thoughts?


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  • I think he still has some feeling for her. And he will never be completely yours if he does not put effort in to not getting over her . If he is angry with her still and you can hear the emotion in his voice when he talks about her imagine all the emotion he still has in his heart. You are putting your self in a weird position cues lets just say by some weird situation his ex wants him back...Do you think he will entertain the idea of them rekindling their love. If he was truly over her then he would just mention it once and move on better yet he would not mention it at all. One last thought have you seen pictures of them together ? Does he smile like he is the happiest man in the world in those pics with her...Now think does he smile that way with you?


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  • yeah you both should be able to talk about the ex casually without emotion. Is he really upset maybe its just painful to bring it up, he may not be upset with her but he remembers how she hurt him. A better question would be do you guys talk about her often, when there is no need to bring it up.

  • I don't think it's a sign that he's still in love with her, I think it's a sign that he's got some internal issues that he needs to work through. Being angry a year afterward (and while dating someone new for 3-4 months) is not healthy on his part. He's got to figure out what's going on and just let go of his anger, it's not healthy for him (or you).


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