If a girl has a boyfriend, should I tell her I like her?

i can treat her better then the loser she's with...

she hella stares at me,And tries to act hella "hot" when I come near her...does that mean anything?

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  • You can certainly tell her you care about her but you can't expect her to dump that guy she's with and run off with you. You will need to give her time to make up her own mind as to who she wants to be with ( you can't force her) and for now.. you really have to respect THEIR relatoinship. Wouldn't you expect the same from the girl you were with? Keep your polite distance - be supportive - be her friend... and hopefully.. soon... she will see the light. She will dump him after he's hurt her one more time... and you can be there to dry her tears. Don't interfere. Don't tell her the guy she's with is a loser. It only makes you sound jealous and petty. You may be perfectly RIGHT in your conclusions.. but SHE has to figure it out.. HERSELF. Don't be pushy -- be a friend. THAT will win her over faster than you telling her that her choices suck. Good luck.

    • Im better looking....and she stares at me hella that's why she got me thinking ^^

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    • If you say she's kind of dumb, why would you bother with her in the first place? What does that say about you?

    • That I just hit it and quit it