If a girl has a boyfriend, should I tell her I like her?

i can treat her better then the loser she's with...

she hella stares at me,And tries to act hella "hot" when I come near her...does that mean anything?


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  • You can certainly tell her you care about her but you can't expect her to dump that guy she's with and run off with you. You will need to give her time to make up her own mind as to who she wants to be with ( you can't force her) and for now.. you really have to respect THEIR relatoinship. Wouldn't you expect the same from the girl you were with? Keep your polite distance - be supportive - be her friend... and hopefully.. soon... she will see the light. She will dump him after he's hurt her one more time... and you can be there to dry her tears. Don't interfere. Don't tell her the guy she's with is a loser. It only makes you sound jealous and petty. You may be perfectly RIGHT in your conclusions.. but SHE has to figure it out.. HERSELF. Don't be pushy -- be a friend. THAT will win her over faster than you telling her that her choices suck. Good luck.

    • Im better looking....and she stares at me hella that's why she got me thinking ^^

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    • If you say she's kind of dumb, why would you bother with her in the first place? What does that say about you?

    • That I just hit it and quit it

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  • you should deffentley tell her, and if you think her boyfriend is a loser and not right for her then it would be even better to get her out of a sh*t relationship and be with a guy like you that cares.

    • How exactly would I say that....

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    • I don't like rejection -.-

    • No one does. but it happens to everyone in there life time. so mabye just try and you might just end up with her. :)

  • Well, take into consideration this scenario: you tell her, she tells her boyfriend and he tells her to never talk to you again and she listens. You may loser her forever.

    Usually when people are in a relationship, esp. with titles, it's because they want to be in that relationship and if she's only in it until something better comes along, keep in mind if she breaks up with him for you there's a chance she'll do the same to you when some other guy comes along and tells her he likes her.

  • I would tell her, if you feel that way about her then yes. What happens if you never told her that would be a million what ifs.

    • What if she gets creeped out by it.

      i know how all girls just assume a guys a creep (no matter how good looking he is)

    • If your just friends it should be okay and as long as you don't go all stalker style on her it will be fine

  • hmm probable she is trying to tease you cus she knws you like her maybe. definitely tell her you like her, may change her mind and dump her boyfriend. hhow long have you knwn her?

  • yes I say go for it. A girl likes someone who treats her well... she might just be with him until someone better comes a long.

  • Depends. You may be able to treat her better in your opinion, but what would she think? Also take into factor how she may feel if you tell her that. Will it change your friendship with her? And also if you were her boyfriend, how you would feel if some guy came up to your girlfriend telling her that he could do better than you? You would probably feel like sh*t and be p*ssed.

    • Uhhhhhhhhhhhh if I was her boyfriend and saw some1 like me (sexy as hell) then I would be like he's probably right

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    • Its cute

    • It's cuter in person lol

  • Well first off think this to yourself:

    how serios are they and will they break up on their own?

    Other than that, go for it ^.^

    but don't do it through text

    • I haven't even spoken to her yet ever.... :)

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    • Haha so it would work ^^

    • Ya it wod. Giv it a try ^.^

  • if you like her, then by all means, tell her! but you should considert he consequences as well. make sure she likes you too, and that she's getting over her boyfriend. also, make sure her boyfriend isn't one of those aggressive guys that will hunt you down. good luck!

    • I can take her boyfriend

    • Well then go for it ;) good luck!

  • If she really likes him then it will just backfire on you, but if they are on shaky terms then you could probably pull it off. Her boyfriend may get p*ssed though if he finds out..so I guess you just have to wiegh your options.

  • you should forsure tell her how you feel, especially if you think the person she's with isn't treating her properly

    • Uhhh he is treating her properly but he's a dueche bag with an accent...-.-

  • Go For it

  • Yeah, let her know. You have nothing to lose. YOu don't want to live with regrets.

  • I think you should. Some girls settle for guys they're not hot about, so if you came along and they were far more interested in u, you hav a chance. Also, it's not like your pushing her into anything, your just sharing your feelings.

    • So I should push her into something?

    • You've alway relied on your looks and your charm? Hm.. Don't know if you sound like the best choice for this girl either. Sounds like you're jealous of this guy she has chosen and can't understand why she'd pick him and not you - when you're all charming and everything.. Maybe it's just the challenge you like - you said she was kind of dumb.. Hmm. What guy wants a dumb girl? I'd move on. You don't sound like your respect her much.

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  • Same situation lol :)

    GO FOR IT too hell with the random ass who needs him

    • I feel like I'm always one stepp 2 late too ^_____________^

  • If there is no ring on her finger she is available.

    • ^___________________________________________________________________________^

  • I suppose you don't really stand to lose much by telling her. Do be careful that the boyfriend doesn't come after you. If she ends up splitting with the other guy, then maybe you would have planted a seed to let her know that you like her. Like I said though, be careful with the other guy. Would you appreciate another guy trying to make a move on your girlfriend? All these girls are answering like it's a romance movie lol.

    • I can take her boyfriend lol.....

    • Do you know how many people I've heard say that, and then get put on the ground? lol

    • Haha no I can.......like he's more buff then me but he's one of those guys that's never had the feeling of getting punched in the face.....so he's inexperienced so its a win for me >..>

  • If you know her well, you should be able to tell her how you feel and ask her how she fells about you. That won't make things any more "weird" between you. But don't expect her to dump her boyfriend and start dating you. You need to go into it just wanting an answer. It worked for me. I didn't start dating her, but our relationship was stronger because we were honest with each other. Just be sure you want to know the answer.

    • I just wanna f*** her.....im just going to be truthfull