Why is it that guys have to work so hard to get girls?

All girls have to do is look somewhat attractive and they will get a guy. Even an ugly girl can get a guy if she puts herself out there. Guys have to dress right and have the perfect personality and such, and if they don't meet those standards, they are left alone. If girls put themselves out there some guy will come up to them, even if it's a drunk frat boy.


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  • I couldn't finish my other posting...will repeat here and add:

    @Timeandtimeagain...WOW...finally a guy that makes sense! Thank you!Guys have NO idea how hard it is to look good...it takes preperation and work...the hair must be colored and cut, they must have nice clothes and accessories, must work out to assure they are not fat, not eat for the same reason, get their nails done, take care of the hair (down-there) situation, get great underwear and bras that match...that is all before going out..the night it self...wash with soap that smells really good so that the guy notice, do your hair (takes about 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the girl), do your make-up (20-40 minutes depending on the girl), find an outfit that is classy but sexy but not trashy and yet simple (we are dressing for guys), must wear heels because guys have NO idea how much they hurt but insist (i've seen it on this site) that a girl needs to wear heels, make sure you go out with hot girls because then the guys will not look in your direction (I have lived that situation) but be sure they are not too hot so you still stand out, go to the right club, pay for the entery (after paying for your hair, clothes, shoes, make-up, waxing, nails, gym, bars and undies which can easily come up to 500$ for one of each...these things must be repeated a couple times per month) and then buy a drink and just be pretty...sooo please re-thing how easy we got it by just being pretty...it's not easy and definitely not cheap...

    On the other hand, you say we can get any guy we want ...sure...but it not quality guys, and like someone else said...if you say no to the jerk, he moves on to your friend...what a catch right! Soo we need to weed out the good from bad guys (while being pretty), refuse those nasty jerks, keep a good reputation, stay clean (std wise) and try to see who is only looking to fcuk and who is actually talking to you to know you...not as easy as it seems to you guys...sooo the only thing we want from you is to try and approach us...that is too much for you? Really...good luck being married, with kids!

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      Well it seems like even if I try my hardest I can't get high quality girls! also, I don't really care if a girl does that. If she's attractive, I don't care what she looks like with make up or how she dresses (for the most part, I don't want her to dress slutty), honestly we coudl care less. Yes it is nice when you do, but you don't have to. If you want to that's fine but I honestly don't care, and a lot of guys don't

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      Girls getting a boyfriend or entering a relationship is a choice, for us guys getting a girlfriend and entering a relationship is a chore

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      It's easier for you girls