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How to attract a player?

Most of the guys I know are players and to me are overall the cutest =]. How can I attract them? like what characteristics will I need & what would... Show More

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  • Well just act REALLY friendly and basically throw it at them. Just don't cry when they break your heart because it's the very definition of a player to juggle more than one girl and break their hearts.

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  • Careful, Mademoiselle... You call down thunder you may not be able to handle... I was a player (once)... like a hundred years ago... You mess around with the wrong Beau, and he might just break your heart. And you don't want that, do you? Choose a good guy... this pays off in the end. No pun intended. I knew a best friend once, and after all that drinking and F@#$ng, I married her. And she gave me two beautiful girls...

  • players generally won't "fall" for anybody :P

  • You're going to be unsuccessful. If you don't give a player what he wants, he's going to ignore you and find someone who will. You're going to either have to accept that for at least the next 10 years, or change your taste in men. That's about it.

  • i don't think you want to attract a player, because as you said "its a hit and run", is that really what you want at 3rd base? ...distt said it like it was "players generally won't "fall" for anybody :P", no way for them to really fall in love with you, because then they wouldn't be called players...

  • Just do your best to act like both an angry bitch and a slut, you'll get one.

    • How does that make sense

    • Pretty simple really - player guys don't just zero in on a girl for looks, they are after a certain personality.As a teen I went after the girls that acted stuck-up, bitchy however you put it because I knew the truth - they were using that as a sort of shield to mask their insecurities.

What Girls Said 2

  • My advice would be to stay away from them.. But you really don't have a choice who you like do u? :L so basically you need to go out somewhere looking amazing where your guaranteed to see him.. And completely ignore him.. players like getting the "hottest" girls .. and they'd be used to getting them.. however if your this gorgeous girl he can't get, it'll drive him crazy..and if that doesn't work.. at least you didn't put yourself out there and get heartbroken in the process..

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