Why do girls pretend to not be interested in you?

Why do girls pretend to not be interested in a guy they like? I don't get it?

So what Should I do if a girl is doing this to me?


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  • A lot of girls don't want to feel vulnerable. Once a guy knows she likes him, she's setting herself up for possibly humiliation or heartache if he doesn't reciprocate. The vulnerability usually stems from low self esteem. She's not sure if she's good enough for you. She doesn't want to take the chance in CONFIRMING (in her eyes) that she's not good enough for you. She'd rather maintain the hope that there's a possibility you could feel the same.

    If you know that she feels this way toward you, maybe give her a little extra attention. Look her in the eyes and smile, it'll validate her as a person. Ask her opinion, it'll tell her you're interested in what she has to say. If little things like this don't get it out of her, ask her to coffee, or ask her if you'll see her at some event going on. Ease into things and she'll gain not only self confidence, but if your relationship develops into anything, she'll have more confidence in your relationship, knowing it has a solid foundation.


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  • We want you to chase after us :) plus we don't want a guy who jsut wants to get us in their bed so it's our way of making sure the guy is going to try his best to show that he truly like us :).

  • it depends on the type of girl it is.. we all have different reasons..

    some girls are just shy, others are afraid to let the guy know, some are embarassed,i even know some girls who don't want to let people know they like a guy because their friend does or because (this sounds shallow) but because he may not have the highest social standing. all girls are different.. some even don't pretend not to at all. some girls do let guys know x] just depends who you're dealing with

  • The same reason some guys do...most people are afraid of rejection...in some girls' minds if they act interested in you, but then they pull back, and if you're still pursuing them, in their minds they'll know for sure that you like them. Other girls (manipulative girls) like to see how many guys they can get to boost their egos...horrible I know. Another thing is a lot of girls don't do these things...I, for example, will act interested as long as you don't dissuade me. If I like you I will most definitely go after you.

    • If you like her, tell her that you do and if she feels the same way tell her to stop messing with your mind and cut that out..In a non-threatining way of course lol

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    • Are you friends on FB with her or something of that sort with the internet?.She's most likely scared to talk to you (due to her wlaking away from you really fast) and the internet gives a lot of people courage.Try talking to her on there.If for some reason you can't, try as best as you can to talk to her in person.Especially when she's alone so she can't use her friends to block you. If all of this doesn't work try giving her space and maybe she'll work up the courage to talk to you...

    • No she's this girl I met at the Store. If you want to read the whole story go into my profile and the other question I asked explains how we talk and stuff. But yeah.

  • The Dammn magazine told me "play hard to get!" lol jk If I like you, I'll show interest :) but most of us are afraid of being rejected of course and don't want to come off as desperate either.

    • Yeah you posted on my other question I think, look at my other question I talk about the situation more.

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    • Yeah can you friend me and I can explain the situtation

    • Like if we're playing hard to get, we're not going to keep blowing you guys off all the time....we're just waiting for you guys to intiate the conversation. or maybe this girl is nervous to talk to you, If I really like a guy sometimes I get so nervous I give one word answers but I'm sure you can tell whether or not she's just nervous or not interested.

  • Why do guys pretend not to like girls they are interested in?

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  • They're not sure if you like them; thus, they ignore you even if they really do like you. Fear of rejection is a powerful reason or force to hide your emotion.

  • they don't know if you like them, they are having problems with confidence in themselves, they want to seem mysterious to you and give you a chase even though it never works, or they are just not that into you- take your pick

  • I'd like to know what percentage of girls actually play these games?

  • Pure ego, been there done that. In all honesty, give up because if she liked you she wouldn't ignore you. As much as you don't want to hear it that's what it is & nothing else. I went through the same thing so I just deleted anything to do with her and put it behind me. Or you can keep chasing her, up to you but don't put too much into it or turn down some other girl if you get the chance.

  • the more interested you are the less attractive you become, you have less power in the relationship, the person who has less interest has more power in the relationship

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