Why do girls pretend to not be interested in you?

Why do girls pretend to not be interested in a guy they like? I don't get it?

So what Should I do if a girl is doing this to me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot of girls don't want to feel vulnerable. Once a guy knows she likes him, she's setting herself up for possibly humiliation or heartache if he doesn't reciprocate. The vulnerability usually stems from low self esteem. She's not sure if she's good enough for you. She doesn't want to take the chance in CONFIRMING (in her eyes) that she's not good enough for you. She'd rather maintain the hope that there's a possibility you could feel the same.

    If you know that she feels this way toward you, maybe give her a little extra attention. Look her in the eyes and smile, it'll validate her as a person. Ask her opinion, it'll tell her you're interested in what she has to say. If little things like this don't get it out of her, ask her to coffee, or ask her if you'll see her at some event going on. Ease into things and she'll gain not only self confidence, but if your relationship develops into anything, she'll have more confidence in your relationship, knowing it has a solid foundation.