Do girls like guys with wide square shaped faces?

Like Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler etc.


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  • Hot! I love it- Colin Farell though..not my type. Gerard Butler is F'n sexy though.

    • Seriously?you don't think Colin is handsome?:-)

      He is one of the handsome AND sexiest man imo!haha

    • Eh he's alright. I like more scruffy guys like Gerard :P Johnny Depp, and my 2 faves Jared Leto and James Franco. now that, is my type :D lol.

  • one word: JAWPORN

  • YES!

    Although not Brad,honestly,he isn't really attractive and he's overrated.

  • I like guys that have square shaped kinda oval shaped faces. I don't like long faces though.

  • the way, great choice of example...hahaha

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  • Sigh, what is the point in this question? Considering the three celebrities you mentioned are in the top 100 hottest male celebrities of all time AND the fact that it's common knowledge that these guys are considered attractive, can't you reach the conclusion that most women find such men attractive.

    • Questions like these are what make me hate this site.

    • I agree lol, I was going to write this but you beat me to it lol. Surprised to see that Brad Pitt wasn't much favored.

  • No girls aren't attracted to Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, or Gerard Butler, at all. They're ugly losers.

  • derp