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Can someone tell me if this guy likes me or not?

OK so I met this guy a couple of months ago. Since then, we've been talking on FB and texting each other on a regular base, some times over 10 emails... Show More

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  • I think you're over thinking he obviously likes you and who knows what he has going on in his life maybe he was really busy, or maybe he felt bad when you couldn't go out with him, so he didn't want to seem too anxious to contact you again. Let nature take it's course..wait and see what happens.

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  • HAAHAHA he likes you just the fact that he said he would accompany you this weekend means he is into you. The fact was he probably was really busy at work or stressed out. I had stopped talking to a girl I really liked for a while when I started up physical training once and had to apologize, you are overthinking. If he takes the time to send you 10 emails a day there is definately a reason.

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  • I'm sure he still likes you.You're an adult and so is he, you have obligations, like work. Don't think anything of him not communicating with you for a week - it's not like you're in a relationship. He said he was busy with work, so just take his word for it. You have no reason to suspect he's lying to you. And he said that he would love to meet you on Friday. What's the problem? He likes you. Just take things one day a time and stop stressing over pointless stuff.Good luck.

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