I'm a big girl but I get a lot of men. I thought men didn't like big girls?

I'm a size 26 and I think I'm cute and I'm very laid back and funny and I love to joke around and have fun . I love some good sex and I work hard and I always try to look nice even tho I am big and I have always had boyfriends. really hot ones to and all my female friends are all skinny and very pretty but even one of them hubbies tried to get with me ( I TOLD HIM HELL NO) but anyway I read on here a lot men talking down on big girls and saying they don't like them and this and that and they make it sound like a big girl can't get no man . why do most men on here talk down on big girls for ? most of what they say about us isn't any where true at all .


Most Helpful Guy

  • The men talking down big girls, are either clueless or lying. Fortunately, you know better.