I'm a big girl but I get a lot of men. I thought men didn't like big girls?

I'm a size 26 and I think I'm cute and I'm very laid back and funny and I love to joke around and have fun . I love some good sex and I work hard and I always try to look nice even tho I am big and I have always had boyfriends. really hot ones to and all my female friends are all skinny and very pretty but even one of them hubbies tried to get with me ( I TOLD HIM HELL NO) but anyway I read on here a lot men talking down on big girls and saying they don't like them and this and that and they make it sound like a big girl can't get no man . why do most men on here talk down on big girls for ? most of what they say about us isn't any where true at all .


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  • The men talking down big girls, are either clueless or lying. Fortunately, you know better.


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  • Well, lots of men like big girls. Me, personally, like girls of all sizes, so I am no exception. The real kicker is the girl's personality. I would even go as far as to say guys that aren't really into big girls would think otherwise if the girl has a kick ass personality, along with a great attitude.

  • Some guys like big girls, but you should know that lots of men are a bit desperate and are ready to settle with girls that are far from their dream-girl. Men often don't choose a girl, we take what we get.

  • Where I live a lot of guys love big women

  • im very sexually attractive to big girls, if you ever want to chat add me and lets chat :-p

  • People are different with different tastes

  • u get action because your easy

    its easier for a guy to approach a big girl rather than one that looks like a swimsuit model, understand ?

    ((on offense meant by this))

    • I don't agree with this at all .. I'm sure some are but there are A LOT of skinny girls who are way easy you can't say there not

  • Girl, you kNOW lotsa guys love big girls... Why would you thnk otherwise... The av sz for an American woman is an 18... and guys do like curves...

    • 18 is the average size? Where did you hear that?

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    • Size 26 is by european measurement. That's an equivalent of a size 0 in US measurements and that's skinny. And American women are one of the fattest women in the world and a size 18 is really big. My friend is overweight and she's a size 12 so I can't even imagine how big a size 18 is and in european measurements, that's like a size 48. I personally think a size 12 is fat.

    • Ok christina, that's your opinion.. I just do not think that there's anything wrong with dating a big girl. But since your bringing up opinions, numbers and whatnot... what would YOUR idea to fix all of this? And how would you do it?

  • Love big women. love my fiancee UK 22/24 size.

    My friends do not like big girls and think im bit weird.

    Good on you girl, if you got it girl flawnt it!

  • ur easy. bigger girls don't respect their bodies. they think the only way to get with a guy is to sleep with em right away

    • I been with the same person for years .. yea I'm easy .. easy to get along with talk with but easy to have sex with no I wasn't raised to be like that but thank your for your comment ..

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    • Most bigger girls tend to be easier, like I said..and to bjs09. keep your flaming to yourself, so please, stop the hate comments or I will report you

    • That is so not true becaus eI know a lot of big women that have self respect and are not easy

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  • You're laid back and confident - which is very attractive to normal men who just want a relationship with some they can get along with. In the "real world" people are attracted to people who are comfortable with themselves, despite their size.

    I know I'll get a lot of disagrees but I'll take life experience over what people on the internet have to say any day (including what I have to say). I've witnessed it, many of my "bigger" friends have been in lasting, loving relationships what have nothing to do with their "easiness" and everything to do with being loving, wonderful women themselves.

  • There are guys out there who prefer big girls, and ones who don't have a preference and are willing to date thin, chubby, big, whatever.

    I think that one of the main reasons why it seems like a lot of guys don't like bigger girls is because of the social pressures surrounding it. Media and society tells us that thin is attractive, fat is not. This leads to both men and women believing that a woman has to be thin to be attractive or appealing. Not all people buy into this. Some guys are open about their attraction to big girls. Other guys are attracted to big girls, but aren't willing to admit it/to date big girls because they're worried about what other people will think. Keep in mind too, that this site is mainly frequented by younger people who tend to care more about what their peers will think.

    I think that for a lot of bigger women who don't get much attention from men, it's not necessarily because they're big, but because of how they let their weight affect them. Many big women tend to be shyer or keep to themselves more because they are self-conscious about their weight, or because they are bitter or scared to open themselves up to people due to being mistreated because of their weight in the past. Also, sometimes bigger women might not take as much care in their physical appearance (dressing nicely, doing their hair nicely) because they feel like there's nothing they could do to make themselves attractive to men and so they give up trying.

    You seem to be the opposite of this---outgoing, friendly, take good care of your appearance--which makes you more approachable.

    Lastly, there are some guys who simply aren't attracted to big women. They may be shallow, or it might just be a preference (we can't force ourselves to be attracted to something we're not). For others, it has to do with stereotypes about weight and health. Fat is generally seen as unhealthy (though obviously thin people can be unhealthy too and weight isn't necessarily the best indicator of health). For myself personally, I'm attracted to people of all sizes, but if someone's weight prevents them from being able to enjoy an active lifestyle with me (I like hiking, going on long walks, bike riding, rollerblading, etc. and I want to be with someone who can share these things with me), then I'm probably not going to be attracted to them.

  • i think its all about personality but guys don't realize it, looks can lure a guy in but it doesn't necessarily hold them. I have a friend who gets much more attention than me, she's bigger than me and she has a pretty face, her friends call me her "hot friend", however i'm a very guarded person while she is just so open and entertaining, so of course a guy would rather take her home than me, im not gonna be fun hahahaha she very large breasts, so i think that also one of her HUGE advantages over me

  • If I can be honest, I would suggest you are probably really attractive. If you were thinner you would probably be even more popular. Also you probably have a great personality. Congratulations anyway on your success. ^^

  • Cause big girls are easier. I have a lot of guy friends, so I can't even begin to tell you how many of them have told me the only reason they'd bang a big girl is because they don't need to work hard to get into their pants.