Saying I Love You?

I been dating a guy for six months and things are going great. We spend a lot of time together and are really close, we are both graduate students in the same program. I have brought the topic up about a month ago and he told me that he is taking things slow and that if I say "I Love You" to not expect to hear the same. I don't know what to do because I do love him and I feel like six months is a long time and that maybe he will never say it. I know if things are going well why mess that up but I don't want to be left with a broken heart, having waited and let my feelings grow more for someone who doesn't feel the same. So is 6 months too long? Should I wait?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Six months for some people is a long time yes, however for some it's just not long enough.

    I know after six months it's not as if he'd be throwing those words around, but some people cherish those words an unbelievable amount more than others would. Statistically speaking, you are at the point in a relationship where this problems reaches its peak occurance. And I realize that that is no consolation to you, but it is more common than you might think.

    If it's a huge deal for you (and you have every right to feel that way) than you should probably talk to him again about how you feel, explaining that it is important to you and maybe wondering if he thinks he'll ever feel that way about you. That question I'm not going to tell you to ask him because for all I know you may not want to know - in case he says no. But he does need to realize that it is important to you, that it is something you're looking for in a relationship (I'm under that assumption).

    He was gracious enough to warn you at first, that you might not hear it back, but depending on how long ago that talk was, you may want to have another one.

    Good luck!