Why did she ignore me, why is she acting so cold towards me?

When I met her I got all the signs that she got me and now she is acting really cold? towards me? I don't remember saying anything bad to her, I was only flirty and friendly with her. Now she is being cold towards me?. Next time I saw her she was acting "shy" but at the same time was kind of avoiding me, so bad that while I was trying to talk to her she turned her back on me?, and shove a guy on my face pretty much. She never says hi to me, its strange really.

Sometimes she would smile at me before going to her cold self.

What the hell?


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  • She either heard a rumour about you and believed it, or is doing a really bad job of playing hard to get. Chase her a bit, keep talking to her and attempting to make conversation. If she still shuts you down and starts acting even more cool towards you just take it as she's not interested. But if she keeps giving little shy smiles and switching from cool, to shy then she's playing hard to get.


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  • She doesn't like you

    • I don't know, she doesn't look like the bitchy type, and actually once when she was talking to guy mentioned above, she asked me to wait for her. So I don't know if she wanted to tell me to get away from her, don't you think she will be nice about it?.

    • No. I don't mean that she dislikes you. I just mean that she isn't interested in you romantically.

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  • Sounds like she has issues.