What does handsome mean?

i never get cute or sexy I get handsome. what does that mean? ladies of all ages my age and older say I'm handsome.


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  • Cute is childish, normally used for kids and guys a girl find attractive but aren't really interested in. Sexy is sexual, normally if a girl calls a guy sexy they are only interested in the guy's body. Handsome is more polite and usually means the girl likes everything about him. Being called handsome is a good thing.


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  • Out of all, I'd say handsome is best. When I think of cute, I think of a kind of young, guy who has soft features. Hot you have is kind of a sexual thing, where the features are more harsh. But handsome. Handsome is best. You have stronger features, and it seems more mature manly. Cute and hot will fade but handsome lasts forever.

  • Its a compliment, don't you worry(:

    • I know that I just want to know what it means.

  • That you're attractive person... like most women find you attractive! its definitly a compliment! :)

  • It's a more respectable way of complimenting a man...Cute is childish, hot/sexy is sexual, Handsome is honest...I only tell men I find really attractive and interesting Handsome...

    • Thanks for best answer :)!

    • No problem you actually answered the question the best.

  • I personally call a guy handsome when I like everything about him when I'm inlove

  • handsome means they could take you home : )

  • Handsome is hot I think ..I think someone saying handsome instead of hot is more mature and classy

  • Handsome to me is really traditional, in the sense of the Pride and prejudice days

  • :-)))))

    It's a trick question. The term comes from one of two sources:

    (1) The girl who thinks your hot. Seeing you makes her smile because she likes how you look and react.

    (2) The woman (usually Mom) who thinks you're looking very sharp and well-dressed. The change from the standard Jeans and Tee makes her smile.

    Either way, you're handsome because you've managed to elicit a smile from the lady. You look good and present yourself well.


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  • This is the though process of someone wanting to compliment you- "If I call him hot, it seems like he's just a good looking person with nothing else to compliment on. If I call him cute, he might think that I'm downplaying the way he looks and sort of treating him like a baby...I'll call him handsome because he has class, he's good looking, and he acts like a gentleman."

    It is a much better compliment than just cute or sexy. I was pretty excited once when I was a kid and someone called me 'charming'. I felt like a natural born lady killer :)