What kind of girls do guys like?

What kind of girls do boys mostly like? All of my ex's left me because of another girl.


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  • Depends on the guy. There has to be some sort of good looking in the girl though. I'm not dating a whale or an ugly girl. YOU have to LOOK GOOD no matter what they say. Looking good doesn't mean looking like Jessica Simpson by any means but you have to have some good features. If you have jumbo boobs, good curves, a nice tight ass, nice face or nice eyes your pretty much set. You just need one of those. A kid in my school who is considered a hot guy (I'm not gay so I wouldn't know) is dating a really ugly girl but she has like the biggest boobs I have ever seen and I think that's the reason. So you have to have something going for you.

    • He might get a lot of thumbs down for this one, but it's all real talk. guys like pretty girls =/

    • I think guy should like girls other than what they look like... girl like guys for more than looks so guys should be the same

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  • First of all a Guy has to find the girl attractive, at some level. But it's more than that a guy can fall in love with any girl, depending on her personality! In my opinion the most attractive personalties

    are the outgoing going type, who can joke, make jokes, are very confident, and not clingy, there is nothing worse than a stage five clinger!

    And shy girls are cute but not sexy. But mostly confidence is a major thing. And the harder to get the more you want her! There was a certain girl I didn't even want. But, I couldn't help trying just cause she wasn't interested in me.

  • Most idiot boys like whores because all they want is sex. Some don't and I believe that they are the good guys. Sex is important to all relationships but when guys are perves and girls are whores I don't find it appealing.


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  • Maybe it's not you, but the guys you were dating. Are you dating guys who aren't serious and get bored easily? Or maybe you're too clingy or something... it all depends on your personality and the guys you've gone out with.

  • Bloody cheek! Grrrr. What an asshole.

    Alright hun, it depends on the guy. There's no fixed type as such :) so however you are, there will be guys that will be crazy for you! :)