How would a good guy approach a girl?

These days it's men who have to do the chasing and ask the girl out, but so many just want one thing and it's hard to tell whose decent and whose not, because some may have a game plan and seem decent but few weeks down the line turn out to be a p****... So what would a decent guy say when his approaching a girl?

  • Vote A Hey my name is.....
  • Vote B Wanna go out sometime?
  • Vote C Can I have your number?
  • Vote D You're hot!! what's your name?
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  • All of your options suck ass.. Here's why

    A) "Hey my name is.."

    - This guy is boring! He's not very creative, and he's used to being nice to get things to work his way.. Highly favorable if you always pick guys from option D but I can gaurantee this relationship will not be thrilling emotionally or sexually in 90% of life.

    2) "Wanna go out sometime.."

    - This guy is used to logically approaching women; he's goal oriented and strives for his goal whole-heartedly (aka he's "pushy").. This guy may bring a different aspect to relationships over someone in the C category; but in the long run this guy could probably lose interest if you say "no" / "not yet" / etc.. If you are phrased with that question by a stranger, I could only pray you say: "I don't know you, why are you asking me on a date?"

    3) "Can I have your number.."

    - This guy likes lining things up for the future, he plans ahead a little; this is a good quality but it's not a "romantic quality".. Imagine if your guy just planned what to do in your relationship - where to go/what to eat/what movie you'd watch.. I personally would feel left out - to hold a romantic interest, you've gotta have both parties interact; so this guy is fairly far from the correct ideal.

    4) "You're hot! What's your name.."

    - Tattletale sign of a player. While it could be fun to flirt with him, I strongly recommend you don't. The reason being that you could end up falling for him (a player) and getting hurt; or you could end up leading him on to where he pursues you until he becomes a complete annoyance.

    --- And now for the proper ideal.

    The guy that NOTICES something about you or the situation your in, and uses that to approach you, is the guy that will treat you with the utmost feelings that are usually positive. No one's perfect, but this will be your closest match if you compare all of the other cases. Here's an example: You have spaghetti ingredients in your grocery cart and you're in line to check out.. He looks at you and says: "Spaghetti night? I bet you I'm a better cook.. *raises top ramen*".. Not only is it funny but it's also interactive and intellectual. He realizes you are cooking spaghetti, so he finds the humor in the situation, and applies it in a way that you can resist him like women "oh so commonly" do. This type of guy would fulfill both your emotional and physical needs in a larger percentile than anyone listed above; in my own opinion.

    But then again, I'm just a nerd who's studied his friends and local people for the last 6 years.. I wouldn't know anything ;)

    I hope it helps~


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      Wow...very perceptive ArtistBboy..

      so how's your track record with women?

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      Wow at first I thought you was a snobby guy who thought he knew it all but that is so true(Y)

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      Lol sorry for coming off wrong - but I speak my mind - hope I haven't offended ya ;)