What do you do when you've lost hope in life?

What do you do when you feel alone in this world, like no one understands you. And you feel like giving up? Like, you've lost hope, in life.

And you don't have any friends, or people who care.

Please don't tell me to get help or counseling, because I don't speak the language of the counselors here. And no, nobody speaks english. Besides, I want to be able to help myself. I just need all of your help, and advice. Thanks.


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  • I'm only 17 years old, I lost my father due to a heart attack 2 years ago. My grandfather attempted suicide when I was about 11 or 12. But despite this I have moved on. After my father past away I was fine for about the first month, and then it all hit me. I started to feel like you, almost like I had no reason to move on, and nothing to look forward to. But then I stepped back.

    I still had what I was passionate about. Horseback riding.

    I still had my closest friends.

    And I still had a whole future to look forward to. Your under 30, so trust me, you've still got a lot of time ahead of you. Set goals for yourself, travel, go to a bar every now and then and try to meet new people. What do YOU want to do? Take a step out of your life and try to re create yourself, into the person that YOU want to be. Change your hair, get a new wardrobe. And most of all, meet new people and find a hobby you are passionate about. Things will get better, you just need to keep on going. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Seize the day. Carpe diem. Yeah, all those cliches are actually pretty damn true. Hope things start looking up.

    And about counselors, no. Your really the only person that can help yourself =] =] and you will in time. As of now, I'm pretty happy. Honestly, its my horses that have kept me going. good luck with everything

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      Thank you. Its quite embarassing to be told by a 17 yr, but everything you said is true, and it gave me some kind of hope that I could do this. Thank you

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      Haha nah, it shouldn't be embarassing. I guess I just have a different outlook on things, that I hope can help you in some way