Why are pretty girls so stuck up?

They go out with idiots then when decent guy comes along they flip and act like it's such a bad thing that he likes her (and she's probably just as capable of liking him too if she'd come off her high-horse)... No wonder they think actually being liked for real is bad, because they pursue bad relationships!

Why are girls so stuck up and shallow for all the wrong things? I know some aren't, but a good chunk are.

Uh oh. 1 star because some girl thinks I have no idea what I'm talking about!
so do girls ever come down off their little "cloud"?

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  • it's called a (b****) shield, since they get approached by so many creeps. They need something to keep away the creeps. Yet at the same time, it's also a double-edged sword. Many times they miss out on a nice guy because of it.

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  • You seem incredibly immature. Grow up and meet the really cool, chill girls who aren't on that cloud and stop tracking and attacking girls who are on a high horse. You're the one looking for those girls, and the cool pretty girls aren't looking at you because you're so obsessed with hating this odd form of women that you think represent them all. Quit being a little b*itch and stop complaining. Life is full of douchey people, and if you keep focussing on the bad, you'll never see the good. Geeze, you can't even handle a little bit of opposition without name calling. You're real smart.

  • I use to model and have many friends who are very attractive. Let me share something, guys treat good looking girls like trophies and it SUCKS! They make us fall in love and then gloat about it to their friends and then drop us cause it makes them look good. SO there are 2 sides to the story.

    • the average guy does. not me.

  • People tell me that I am pretty and I am not stuck up, but if you want to bash girls, why don't you bash guys? Because honestly it is people in general, guys are actually more shallow than girls are.

  • i think I'm pretty and I wouldn't say I'm stuck up at all and to be honest I don't go for the bad boy I go for the nice shy ones :) it depends on the girl on the inside not the outside.

  • yea, not all pretty girls are stuck up.. but yes you are probably right, a lot of them are. It is weird, some girls like the thrill of having to run behind or chase a guy when a good guy is right there wanting to treat them right and with respect... I guess everyone has to go through different things in order to know what they really want in life

  • in my case I feel "hot" guys are just players and I'm not ready for that type of relationship, I want seriouse, then marriage.

    • same here but with girls lol

  • Stop taking the fact that you keep getting rejected by pretty girls who don't want you nearly as bad as you want them out on all of us pretty girls. It's not our fault that you can't get a hot girl.

    • maybe but if that means acting like a tool then forget it. I have so many other great qualities anyway.

    • None of that is true. Exscuses. exscuses. exscuses as to why you can't get a pretty girl. Stop trying to blame it on everyone but you. Maybe you can't get a pretty girl because you lack the charm and personality?

    • maybe I could get a pretty girl if they weren't so crazy. obviously there are exceptions, but I'm just saying, a lot of them only date guys that think they're thug, and any grounded good guy simply doesn't have a chance with them because they only care about looking cool in most cases. for the record I would love to find a gorgeous shy girl, as you say your friend is, but when I find one they're just as crazy as the next pretty girl.

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  • I am a generally honest person..


    I haven't come off my cloud


    because there are things I'm constantly working on myself and I don't see why a guy who really wants to be with me, won't work on himself to be more attractive to me instead of complaining.

    tried to be nice about it.

    that's the fact.

    i have high standards, not low ones.

    • What? Without the aid of a scalpel there is very little that one can do to change their appearance, if anything at all.

      The multitude of superficial zombies on this site seems to be growing exponentially. Also, wash off the arrogance. Thanks.

    • I feel like a lot of girls would say something like that, and would find a guy that yeah, might be good looking at least or outspoken or something, but would actually be settling big time on all other accounts.

  • A lot of 'pretty' girls don't get asked out much, because a lot of guys think she's already taken and yadda yadda yadda... when some guy (any guy...) finally does get up the courage to ask her out, she'll probably go for it--- even though in the back of her head she knows she could do better, she hasn't received better and she's upset by it!

  • There not, they just get sick of men constantly harrassing them, they eventually can't take it anymore & snap on them. If people never left you alone, you'd want to pull your hair out too. I mean, look at Rob Pattinson, women just adore him, & he can't stand it. It's not always easy having men trying to get you & it gets real annoying when they try to make you feel sorry for them.

  • Those pretty stuck up girls are just attention starved they want all the attention they can get because they are insecure and think if people think there "hot" then they actually are. Strip them down of the designer clothes and all that stuff. They would be like a little lost puppy. SO NOT WORTH IT.

    • lol awww yeah babay! xD

    • Yeah. I have found women who are considered to be like conventionally pretty are the ones who crave attention - I guess they're so used to easily-manipulated dudes fawning all over them...

    • i feel like a lot of them actually do have substance but they look for the wrong guys or the wrong things in a relationship. and are closed off to the guys that want them for the right reasons. idk. I agree that there are some that are attention starved though, I just wonder why they don't look for the attention in the right places.

  • i don't know any girls who do that unless the guy that likes them is super ugly or something. Girls can be flattered and feel bad for a guy like this. Girls will fall for a decent normal guy, but flat out ugliness, no matter what is something no girl can really overcome.

  • Because people praise them on their good looks and they think they are the sh*t. But not all pretty girls are stuck up, I have seen some very ugly ones that are stuck up. Trust me, it's not pretty. I'm not sure how they became like that.

  • Because people who are constantly told they are good looking, can take it to their head and believe it is a certainty. And personally I find that, that tends to make them less attractive. Its like the person who says, "how can ugly people deal with being ugly?"...who on earth gave them the right to make a statement like that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sorry but if I don't find you attractive, I am one less person who would...

    I do actually agree with you, and although there are men like it also, I do find girls are worse with it, there comes a point where they just become irritating with it.But I have also noticed that girls do not like to tell other girls they are attractive.

    I do not think I am neccessarily the best looking thing around, I could do with a bit of work..lol, but I wouldn't say I was hideous, I'd say i.m more cute/pretty rather then wow stunning...and that is usually how guys describe me...BUT girls will not tell you if you are attractive...my closets friends will, but other girls will just not say anything, its like it would cause them pain to just say, yeah you got nice eyes...or smile.

    Whether girl boy man or elf, if someone has good things about their looks, I would tell them, I would let them know what I think there best features are..what harm is it gonna do me?

    • thats a great outlook, thanks for your answer.

  • I been told that I'm pretty a lot by guys yet they never want to ask for my number they just look and smile and say hi. perhaps maybe that is why I can't find a man? Because pretty girls have a bad rep?

    • oh that could be. I don't know just keep looking, and make sure you're looking in the right places.

    • i been told to smile and even when I'm in a genuinely good mood I still don't get approached by the guy I like. I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm African American. I like white guys mainly you see but I never had a good boyfriend who is white, not that it would be my goal just saying. Perhaps that is a major factor

    • they're afraid of rejection.

  • Try being nice to them, don't be a jerk like most guys are to beautiful women.

    I am told all the time I'm "Beautiful" "Gorgeous" e.c.t, but I am one of the nicest people in the world as long as your nice to me and as long as you don't ask very personal questions

  • pretty girls are stuck up because in this world, all the pretty people get everything handed to them. Therefore, they haven;t had to work for anything, & they haven't had to have worked for a personality. If something isn't handed to them like they're used to, they panic, & this comes out as aggression & other things. pretty people are used to everything being quick & simple, so when something isn't whimsical (eg good guy) they panic & don't like it because they're not used t it. they've been showered with affection so much in their lives all of it has gone to their head.

    • whimsical, small & superficial, as in not a very deep feeling or emotion or whatever, that is imminent to go away & doesn't require much reason and/or logic behind it :)

    • I'm lazy...can you please define the word "whimsical"?

      Thank you. :)

  • Well, in the defense of those who genuinely don't know what you're talking about, they might not have known it was going to be a bad relationship, started relying on the nice guy for support, and when the nice guy stepped up to say HE was interested she flipped out because she (1) wasn't ready, (2) immediately imagined the same destructive relationship cycle starting all over again, and (3) was afraid that she'd lose her confidante.

    It's not necessarily a matter of being on a high horse; it's just a matter of fear based on prior experience.

    • i feel that after all this time, its still there, yet I've grown more and more numb to the emotional pain and such, is it me just moving on, or trying? ...or am I just getting stronger?

    • I know, but you'll be okay.

      Funny thing about life is that regardless of the whirlpool of drama that slaps at us from time to time, if you just remember to keep breathing and putting one foot in front of the other, it all passes and you'll be stronger for it.

    • it is... I feel like it's getting the best of me lately too :/

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  • Um, guys are the same way. Perhaps they go out with idiots because they feel as though that's only what they deserve.

    • oh I guess I can maybe see that, but still.

    • Because sometimes those girls who are stuck up and have had history with bad guys and have done things they are not proud of, tend to not like themselves and have low self esteems. They don't feel like they are good enough for a great guy. I knew a girl who went through guys left and right, all of which were complete a-holes. She ended up turning down a really great guy because she felt he deserved better then her.

    • why would anyone feel like they deserve an idiot? I mean, everyone has their insecurities, and I know I do, but I still feel I deserve the best.

  • because people treat them like they are better

  • This has been done over and over again.

    Why are muscley guys so in love with themselves? They're gross! Physically - but obviously psychologically too.

  • one thing, they are insecure about themselves. they have looks and it has become so important tot hem that they forgot about their personalities and how to behave like a normal person.

    they insecure about their inabilities and since looks have become so important to them they only care for the most good lookng guy who is the biggest jerk of them all, apparently jerks are more exciting to hangout with and require the girls to think very hard about them etc...

  • I think people are stuck up in general...many males are very stuck up...on the flip side...im a very pretty girl and men will not date me or do anything with me just abuse me...i can't get a boyfriend...i meet guys like you who whine about pretty girls...then they meet nice girls like me and flip out on me and abuse me and ditch me...and won't even treat me with respect or date me...you like most guys are falling for the b8tchy women...like most guys do---they like the nasty mean women who play games...then theyre upset when they get played ...but if you deal with a b*tch that's what you'll get...i guarantee if you met a nice pretty girl you'd probably treat he the same way that pretty girl treated you...that's just how it goes unfortunately... I'm a hot girl who can't meet a guy for the same reason...guys say they want a nice girl...but in reality--if a nice girl comes across they reject her right away...

    • 1+

    • not true. a "nice girl" will be rejected if she isn't pretty, or at least found to be attractive. just being honest. it's unfortunate but true, and how guys operate. girls? I don't know what their deal is! lol

  • seriously ! its your own fault if you chose to hang out with these" pretty girls"?

    Are they part of the popular group?

    Have they a history of going with players?

    is your behavior inappropriate ?

    not all pretty girls are stuck up , your just looking at the shyer prettier girls who are pro decent ppl, being female I can't say exactly why these girls act this way, they may be looking for a rich guy or sometime to tell their friends about?9 out of 10 girls who wear a lot of make up and short outfits have a load of personal problems , your nearly better of looking somewhere els,

    fyi most of my friends are guys as I can't do the whole bitching , weight stuff and sh*t that most girls go on about , they have problems.lol don't get me wrong I'm not fat or lesbian its just easier to be friends with guys because girls are bitches ,one minute they are your friend the next your their worst enemy , I put it down to jealousy and sh*t !

    these Girls are also desperate for male attention and do all the wrong things to get it.

  • pretty girls get the most attention from the usually "popular" good looking guys. they get caught up in the attention and fall for assholes. the decent guys aren't the outright blunt ones that catch her attention.

    i think it comes with the girls maturity. once they get to college they realize they don't have a little "clique" to make themselves look better and finally act like themselves.

    they are plently pretty girls that aren't stuck up, you're just looking in the wrong places.

  • The same reasons good looking guys are stuck up, they can be. When you have so many people who want you, I guess you don't need to be nice to anyone.

  • I've always been told that I'm hot and beautiful, and some people think I'm stuck up but I think they're usually just jealous. There's no cloud, and honestly you sound no better than girls like me who are accused of being this way. You sound as though pretty girls are the only girls you focus on. Okay, so you have your preference. Why can't I have my preferences too? If a guy likes me and I don't like him for whatever superficial reason (and I have many of them trust me) how is it any different from you turning down an ugly girl and focusing on a beautiful one? You're contradicting yourself.

    Personally, I think so many men are full of sh*t. I've had guys following me around telling me how pretty I am and kissing the ground I walk on since I was about 12. I'm so used to it that it's almost routine. It's hard to genuinely appreciate compliments and attention now, even if I wanted to. A friend of mine told me I came off really cold to this guy who tried to hit on me. I was about to hail a cab and he was waiting for a bus. I don't do guys who take the bus, that's just a no. so he heard me talking to her and he fed me some cheesy line about how I'm not only beautiful but also intelligent, given the context of the conversation. I just looked at him then turned back to her and continued talking. I don't see anything wrong with this, but my friend told me it was bitchy. It's true, but honestly who cares? Plenty of men give me compliments. One guy on the bus stop isn't getting special treatment.

    I honestly think I am the way I am because people allow it. I wasn't born into this world thinking that I'm better than most people. You all treated me differently in school, gave me more attention, and my own family blew my ego up big time. I'm just a result of our society that's all. People don't like me because, ironically, as beautiful as I am, I represent something ugly within our world and how we see people. We're like really pretty monsters and most people helped create who we are. I'm not complaining. :) It's not my fault that I am more intelligent, more popular, more beautiful, and more talented than most girls. It's not my fault that they get jealous and act bitchy toward me, or let me manipulate them, and it's not my fault that men see me as better than other girls whether they admit it or not. I didn't create this crap so I don't feel bad for using it to my advantage.

    And what makes you more decent than the next guy? What makes him an idiot?

    I think I should be able to go with someone in my own league without that being a serious offense. We go for people who are similar to us. why would I go out with some reject who has a "creepy" vibe about him? Maybe he should probably fix the way he interacts with people so we don't think he's a creeper, nerd, geek, etc.? Like I said though, there are plenty of girls out there. You just have preferences for a certain kind of girl. We have preferences too.

    • "I just looked at him then turned back to her and continued talking. I don't see anything wrong with this, but my friend told me it was bitchy. It's true, but honestly who cares?"

      I'll be honest...THAT was extremely bitchy. However, what you said overall makes sense. It's been proven that people get preferential treatment based on their looks as early as age 8; the 3rd grade.

      One thing I learned in college...these girls that are 9s and 10s are SOOOO much more defensive when you talk to them. :X

    • Ugh, the stupidity. And not just that, but the misguided arrogance...we are truly doomed as a species.

    • Wow, surprised this did not get any feedback, good or bad. Personally I love this. Honesty isn't always palatable.

  • I'm a girl, and I don't even understand us. :/ We can be plain MEAN. Some of them are my FRIENDS and I know exactly what you're talking about when they text me saying, "OMG that one guy likes me. EW!" Don't worry, I (think) they'll grow out of it.

  • go out with ugly chicks. they have better personalities and you'll find once someone actually treats them as a human instead of a potted plant, they actually become pretty because they have someone they want to impress, and work hard for. they'll have a little more confidence in themselves.

    then you'll be the guy with the 'cool' girlfriend that all the guy wants. you know, the cutie who plays video games or knows how to change a car's oil and drive a stick shift, etc.

    • none taken I totally understand your point. I don't think I'm stuck up as much as I know my own worth. I come from a great family, I have strong values and morals and I'm talented at quite a lot of things. I just want the best. I'm actually quite a humble person. I honestly don't act stuck up. maybe I need to better myself to be seen by these girls in someway. but I mean if they just thought about what they were doing ('cause its not hard to see the guys aren't right for them), they'd maybe get it ;)

    • sounds like a person problem then, really. you end up liking those "fake", pretty girls for who they aren't then complain about their bad nature, but shun the the ugly or average girl for being "real".

      kinda sounds like you are a little on the 'stuck up' side, no offense - but if you'd give a girl a chance you'd be surprised at what she could do. I mean it's only fair since you are here asking for "pretty" girls to give a "good" guy a chance. Stop picking "idiot" girls and go for a "good" girl.

    • I can't see that happening honestly

  • Girls in our age group are notorious for going out with douchbags. I have thought about this for a long time and while I still can't explain it except to say the more loud and obnoxious a guy is the more likely it is that he will get the girl. Pretty Girls (not me) go for these guys in a big way largely because they command attention by being so obnoxious. At the same time you probably know the rest of the story. They get with these guys who end up making them miserable and by age thirty they've joined that prelesbian ALL MEN SUCK CLUB. And by this stage their looks are either going or gone. So basically they give up their youth and beauty for a certified a$$hole and it usually causes enough damage to alter the rest of their lives and not for the better. You've probably heard the old "ism" What Goes Around Comes Around? Believe me, what becomes of these chicks is they usually end up ugly and alone. People eventually tire of their games and attitudes and will eventually abandon them.

    The good news is this. There are still some pretty girls out there that aren't infected with that sickening attitude. It takes a little work to find and approach them, but you will not regret the effort. Society is changing and we are still shaking off the neanderthal mentality where girls think THEY can't be the one who initiates a relationship. These girls are "fried" and not worth the time it takes to say hello. They are the worst.

    Don't give up or be discouraged, it's sad that there are so many of this type around, they suck the oxygen out the world for the rest of us. Be vigilant and in time you will find someone pretty and not an a$$hole!

  • how can you expect a girl to look past shallow things when you won't do it yourself? no one is saying go for a girl you aren't attracted to at all..but come on now. if you're so focused on the pretty hot popular girls that have every guy kissing their ass and doing the most for them, all you're doing is adding to their ego. what do you really like about these girls besides the fact that they're pretty? you don't know them you're just going off of looks. you do what a lot of guys do. see a really beautiful girl and equate her being pretty on the outside and put her on a pedestal as this wonderful perfect awesome girl, that she may not even be.

    and stop overcongratulating yourself by calling yourself a "decent good guy", just because you haven't murdered someone or raped doesn't mean you are automatically a decent good guy. maybe she just isn't interested in you and maybe you are overstating your "goodness" to justify why women should like you. if women should go for you just because you are a "good nice guy" then tell me why you aren't going for the "good nice girls"? because deep down you know that's not what attracts people initially. maybe you should also stop being shallow and feeding into their ego and go after someone based on something other than the fact they are hot. I'm not saying she has to be a completely unattractive girl but you get what I'm saying.

    • "how can you expect a girl to look past shallow things when you won't do it yourself?"

      "and stop overcongratulating yourself by calling yourself a "decent good guy", just because you haven't murdered someone or raped doesn't mean you are automatically a decent good guy."

      Ms. Anonym's mind is sexy...im turned on. Add me, please. :)

    • of course I talk to her and get to know her and stuff before I even know I like her. there's lots of pretty girls out there but I don't like them necessarily. I rarely ever like a girl like that, of course personality is huge. looks are just the initial attention getter. I'm not dumb about picking a girl and finding who I like...

    • ok so you like her because she's pretty. that's it? and because you FEEL she's nice and has that "good girl" about her..you don't even know these girls. you are just looking at their outer shell and making your judgments off that. it's one thing to be attracted to a pretty girl but you shouldn't just put her on a pedestal and imagine how she is as a person because you've seen her a few times. most girls who are decently attractive don't pursue guys, guys pursue them. if you feeling a girl make a move

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  • not all pretty girls are stuck up. I have learned the more stuck up, the more they have to hide. and for those girls, they usually have to hide a lot. Aka: they are socially retarded. Most stuck up girls are searching for some kind of high caliber guy that reaches her "standards" and if she is rude and stuck up, you don't fit those. Most girls like that usually don't learn, each relationship failure usually just results in more snottiness...

  • There is the possibility that these girls are actually insecure or are just sick of all the unwanted attention. I guess they can be picky because they have a lot of guys chasing them.

    Not all pretty girls are stuck-up, and not all pretty girls pursue bad relationships. It seems to be just the ones you talk to.

  • im a very pretty girl and I'm not a stuck up guys always just assume I am because I'm pretty ( I think..lol )... when I talk to them they always say I thought were were a stuck up until I got to talk to you ... or they say I intimidate them ... lol ... but I know some can be... they do come down from their cloud when their looks can't get them out of sh*tty bfs?...lol

  • Thats a strong statement, but I know what your talking about. Most good looking girls know that they have looks. Looks and popularity come in a package so usually they are quite stuck up and bitchy because they think they are "all that". That's why guys like you need to go for the complete opposite, I'm not saying with looks, but someone who is genuinely sweet and doesn't hold her nose in the air... we are rare, but be patient and just ignore those girsl because we all know that they will be the losers in the end:)

    Hang in there

    • I'm not sure a lot of good looking girls know it. The ones who go to clubs every night do. But that's a smaller set than you'd realize. A lot of good looking girls have low self-esteem. Those who don't set themselves up for immature exercises like going to said clubs simply to be validated may be more open than he'd think.

  • Eventually the bloom will fall off their rose and they will still be shallow and alone

    • Hmmm So you see the end in it all.. Well you must be what I honer in the end. I want to be a friend of yours... Bye friend...

  • Consider your age group. 18 - 24 aren't anyone's best years. They're going off what they see on TV as socially acceptable and trying to figure out who they are. Thing is, they want to jump into relationships without figuring out who they are, which is silly. If you don't know who you are, how do you know what you want? Anyway, just wait a few years. Also you should go hang out at places you enjoy. Chances are you'll find a girl with similar interests there.

  • Hm. You actually described me when I was younger. I used to date 'idiots' because I thought they were cool and fun to be with. I wasn't really think of how I want a relationship to be I just acted on the attraction and chemistry that I had with them. Then there would always be rumours of some 'decent' guys liking me. I was like eww.. because I thought they were not attractive, no fun and usually creepy.

    However, now I have completely changed and realized I missed out many good relationships. Those idiots liked me for my look but most decent guys really liked me for what I really was.

    So my advice is that you cannot really do anything to change those girls. they're young and shallow. wait til they grow up or alternatively date older pretty women if you like.

    Oh and one thing, you can't really refer to yourself as one the 'decent' guys because you like her for her looks anyway ---- you're just as shallow dude.

    • woah bud, I'll take the cute girl too. I like pretty girls that have more of an innocence about them, and you know what? these girls are still immature and stuck up! I rarely ever find a genuinely great girl that would be good for me, but then she's still in La-La land anyway so nothing ever comes of anything.

    • He is rather shallow. I'll take a cute girl over a hot one any day. However, I'd advise against dating "reformed" girls. Sorry. In keeping with my interests-over-looks policy that we all endorse to the OP, I'd rather find someone who has shared my same experiences, rather than one ex-partier and one person who hasn't changed. Girls in my experience get jaded and guys get set in their player ways.

    • Well I mean I like what I like. it's easier to like a pretty girl for all that she is.

  • I think the main reason so many girls are like this is because somehow they've gotten it into their heads that 'physically attractive' means 'superior'. And when people believe they're superior to others they begin to treat those they see as 'lesser' appropriately- by debasing them, ignoring them, rejecting them, and asserting their own importance.

    At the same time it must have something to do with their insecurities- because when you're pretty on the outside and horrid on the inside (and are aware of it) it's impossible not to feel insecure when approached by someone whose personality is obviously more attractive than their own. And when said personality comes in an average-looking body with an average looking face, its easier for 'stuck up girls' to hide behind their outward beauty and dismiss others on the basis that they're simply not pretty enough for them.

    • This is true. It's somewhat a fact of life but true. I own a business and hang out with mostly others in the same boat. Some of them tend to rationalize themselves as better because they make more money. I guess that's a guys' tool in his insecurity tool chest.

    • Some do, some don't. I think it all depends on who they ultimately wind up with- both boyfriend/husband wise and friend wise. if the people around them continually reinforce the idea that its personality that counts, then yeah- they've got a good chance of changing. But I've seen bitter old women who never learned soon enough that they needed to change.

    • I mean... do they ever discover that they're just like everyone else? they're still human?

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  • Because deep down they are very insercure and have no clue how to treat someone with respect and kindness due to a superficial immaturity they cling to in the place of a real life. This can be reversed, why have we considered that sort of thing pretty? They show no signs of it. Everyone needs to learn to think for themselves, not based on what some magazine says.

    • Your right it's a numbers game not a magazine. It's also about thinking for themselves because in the end you have to except reality and the platter you have handed yourself. But the truth is doesn't matter to hormons, if you talk this way sometimes you talk like this (your adult side) and sometimes well.. (you talk like...) truth has nothing to do with one side of you but both sides of you!

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  • xxxmegan sounds like one of the girls you are talking about :)

  • it's because they can get basically any guy they want so they feel entitled. don't waste your time on a girl who is going to act stuck up towards you or take you for granted. then again you should never be "overly nice" because it's really unnecessary and annoying for anyone, and shows that you're trying to compensate for something. just be yourself and be her companion, not someone that has to take complete care of her

    • well I'm not that nice, I only really know like one person who is THAT nice to girls and even to me, its sickening. definitely "hoes before bros" with that dude lol.

      i also find that the more a girl keeps me guessing, the nicer I will get, so if a girl is playing me and I haven't realized it yet, I start getting closer to being 'too nice' and then things usually get ugly. I just wish girls would take me seriously, because I'm one of few guys that will take them seriously. just treat me like dirt.

  • Only idiots go out with idiots.

    If there's anything I learned from my experience, it's that for very young girls their appearance often comes at the expense of their intelligence.

  • I also find it pretty damn funny how some of these women think they are "all that", they are this total hottie and when you look at more of their pictures they end up being not as hot as they think they are. Yeah they are above average but they aren't a 10 rather a 7 an 8 or maybe a 9. There also the ones that constantly have to have their friends everywhere with them and then she wonders and complains why no guy will hit on her. Duh most guys are not going to go up to her and single her out from her friends.

  • I totally agree with ya that a lot of single women especially in their early 20's to late 20's early 30's then there are those that never get out of it. But for the majority I think they start to realize that they can't be so damn picky, so shallow because they will get left behind. They then start to freak out when their friends start to get married, start their families and then she sees her friends married and having kids and the single friend is like sh*t I can't be too picky or she'll become the old maid, the cat woman that's constantly pissed off at the world that no wants anything to do with her anymore.

    Also I think a lot of this generation more of the younger single women don't grow up as fast as men. These younger women always think there is this (constant party life) after college in the "real world", quite a few have superficial fantasy that money just falls off trees, party almost every day and doesn't get reality in the "real world" that everyone has to work and every day not going to be all this hunky dory magical, go out every day, every night and always "fun". Life is not always going to be this hunky dory la la fantasy that so many of these women have a picture of from their Jane Austin novels they read as kids. These type of women need to wake up and get in to reality and realize fantasy versus reality. A lot of these type of women have such a superficial list that they have to get rid of a lot of that list.

  • How many girls have you really talked to? I've approached a decent amount of women and I've had 1, maybe 2, be real jerks. Stay out of clubs and off the Las Vegas Strip and you shouldn't have a problem.

    The girl below has a point about not thinking about how wonderful you are. Yes, I do think a lot of guys who don't date much are decent guys, but don't let it make you bitter. As humans, we all wake up trying to justify to ourselves how good we are. Try to focus on being a nice guy because you do nice things, not because you're not dating.

    The reality is most girls don't look like a Victoria's Secret model. Focus on girls who have similar interests and a personality you like. Figure out what that is and where to find that girl and then get to work. The right girl will become beautiful to you. I'm not saying date a girl who's a foot shorter than you and weighs just as much, but realize that you'll accept her for who she is if you find someone you really care about.

  • Thus,

    Hot girls usually grow up accepted by the larger society because they "beautiful" and grow up welcoming by everyone. We tend to accept those look more attractive than those less attractive. Therefore, they don't even have to work hard to attract men. All they have to find are men who make them go wild, crazy, excited, dominated, and busy from the "stupid world".

    They tend to hate the world because the world says, "No pain no gain". Therefore, hot girls tend to hate studying hard, majoring in science or because analytical or critical thinking is mind brothering for them. Mind pleasing is the answer for them.

    Finally, some of them know bad boys aren't going to be their future husband so they waste the time with them while you and I work hard and act nice buy for years cramming to create a better future for selves. There we eventually marry these hot girls who are tired of the game of playboys and are "settling" which is why single women (around the age of 30-50 year) are obsessed with the word "settling". But with who? THE NICE MEN! No more bad boy or loser! They end up in the bed of nice men eventually, which is really very sad! At least for me because I'm virgin! lolz

    Hope, my answer makes sense

  • give them no attention man, hot girls demand attention and when they don't get it they wonder why. Fuck what they think at the end of the day it comes down to personality looks don't last bro.

    if you give them no attention they jump of that house and wonder 'why the f*** is he ignoring me', but don't totally ignore then either.

    i also admit not all are the same some are cool girls


  • Pretty girls are stuck up because all they do is talk trash all day long. When you walk away they talked trash about you because they act stuck up. It's better to say say you pretty are you single? Then find out who they are. It's all a numbers game until you find her. Don't be attracted to her looks. Girls pretty ones arn't stupid you are. On average.. Well everyone has tried at them... You have to met them at a different level. The question is who is this pretty girl?

    • Because you're going after what WE perceive as attractive. Thinking a supermodel is attractive isn't what "you think is attractive", it's what you think will make you liked and accepted.

    • Im just asking as a whole... besides how am I stupid for going after what I find attractive? :/

  • The idiots they go out with are proably the guys that are "seen" to be cool. The girls are actually probably quite sincere deep down but in younger circles, girls want to be noticed and not seen as odd or weird. Their morals are probably to find someone who they can love to death and not have to pretend to 'really' like just so they can fit in.

    Its always funny to look back at all the HOT HOT girls that I went to school with and whom they ended up with. The majority of them are with plain john type guys, they are not great looking, they do not have superior jobs etc, but they are GREAT GUYS with hearts of gold who truly know how to love a girl and so they are happy.

    You might also have noticed that many of the guys who got picked on at school for their thick glasses, and technical personalities actually wind up with gorgeoous high profile women who are career minded and successful, they have lost the thick glasses to contact lenses or LASIK and are some of the most attractive guys you ever see. They are wealthy and have plenty of time to go to the gym and look good because some guy who used to be the "Prince" at school is working for his now. Its not irony, its just the way things are. If you spend your time trying to be cool at school and make every effort to be the most popular, then there is every chance that you this will be the absolute summit of your popularity and the rest of your life will be spent trying to figure out at what turning point did you lose that "coolness" and become plain, boring and worse...UNEDUCATED. Sorry to say, when it comes to school - the ones you call dorks are the ones who will win in the end Cest La Vie.

    • Very good points. I don't think these girls are that bad, and I don't think many of them are so jerkish, but they are doing what they're doing because, especially to girls, social status is important. If a guy tells his friend his Girlfriend is ugly, the guy would punch him in the face. Girls can't/don't do that. They want to fit in. It's insecurity and that's how it works at a young age...

  • i gave you five stars because this is true. Although I do get the women I like (however I find out I don't like them quickly), I believe this is so because I am truly happy that I'm single. I do notice that women do like idiots, this is mainly because they are idiots themselves in a nice package. I've also noticed that women don't respect a guy for his good qualities, like hard working, loyal or honest. These are women that don't really want to be married or have kids they just want to have fun and say some day they will settle down but someday never comes. see most women are not very intelligent and most people are not very intelligent for that matter. people do like drama, its in our nature, some sort of something that makes them feel like they have something going on in there life. see I derive my mental stimulus from my studies and activities however many people do not think in abstract ways and have no real hobbies so they make relationships hobbies and they get all their kicks from these types of men. how many times have you heard of people being in a long sh*t relationship until they finally wake up. then the drama starts again with another. I wouldn't worry about these girls because by the time the realize what's going on they are nearing 30 and been f***ed so many times its kinda gross. us as men have an upper hand in this. as we get older we gain value to a particular women those that want kids and a husband with good money. we also have the advantage of going younger. studies show that the happiest marriages are between men and women were the man is older by 7 years. I wouldn't worry to much about this man because we live live in a culture that doesn't value the family. since when did staying home and raising kids make become something bad. now we send kids to day care and I'm not for that. though I am all for equal rights and do want my girl to stay home and raise the babies if she makes more money them me I would gladly do it, I'm a loyal family first kinda guy. duty, honor, country that's how I live my life. see many women don't want this. they were sold the lie of believing that women can act like men and be happy. although studies have shown that women are now less happy then in previous generations. see I work hard and I can't give large amounts of my time to women. however the women you describe need that attention that a man with goals and drive just can't give her. sometimes I'm busy all week and all weekend I don't expect a women who does not have the same going on in her life to understand that learning how to derive chemistry identities using multivariable calculus doing research on nerve cells is hard and time consuming and if I'm going to be her life its ain't me babe. these are the women you are talking about. do you really want them. let them do there thing man just be a good guy make your money and go younger that's my advice to you because a good women from a good home will see you for your good qualities.

    • I'm not reading the whole thing, but there is one good point that the OP is guilty of as are many guys... these girls sometimes date idiots because they too are idiots. It's not them lowering their standards. It's that YOU as the guy think they're not "idiots" because they're hot. Why? Because we see attractive people as better. They're not. But it's your fault for assuming they're such a great person before getting to know them beyond their looks.

  • because they are used to getting approcahed a million times by average guys they want to feel something different.

    So she puts up bitch shield to see if you know how to climb over it.

  • It's because they expect attention. They are so desensitized by the attention that people give them. To some extent, a lot of the stuck broads feel they deserve the best. Some do deserve the best, while other don't deserve anything.

    It all depends on their personality. If the girl is pretty and is down to earth, that's the only type of pretty girl worth talking to.

    The ones that are stuck up don't deserve attention.

    • The desensitization part is true. I know from experience that it all gets old and they need more. In the end, though, I guess we all deserve what we get. It's not fair, but it's life. Many of these women will change and will end up happy and married. Thinking you'll end up happier in the end isn't true nor helpful.

  • Because that decent guy doesn't realize that girls want guys to be superior to them and not equal. That's because people are still stuck with the goddamn age of the ancients, and all they revolve around is "masculinity and femininity" and can't get over these retarded concepts which make us all unequal.

    The decent guy cares too much for others, this causes fear to develop and girls are like fear-detectors. If they detect fear, they immediately either sympathize with you and want to help you get out of it or leave you to suffer (which is more likely the case with about 97% of human population). They would either just let you be and never talk to you because you're unworthy, or tell you "I like you as a person but I am incapable of being in love with you and I wouldn't mate with you, ever."

    And I wonder how you would like it if you had some really annoying, unattractive and ugly girl hanging on you all the time when you're trying to hang out with your friends or would be busy with life and your issues. It's the same thing, you just don't see it.

    • Well, we are in the western world though, we must adapt to it. But this clearly shows how all if this is only due to culture. xP

    • Here we go with the pick-up artist routines again. Keep in mind this is American women only. Go to any country where men are viewed as superior and the women don't play like this. China, Japan, Australia, Eastern Europe, many Latin countries...

    • But if you know what's it is like when a subjectively unattractive girl wants you too much and you can't shake her off by any means, then you know exactly what those girls feel when they don't find you attractive "as a male" and/or as a person. They feel the same annoyance that you do - you just don't want them around and want them to leave.

      It's technically a selfishness that you can't really bypass. If you don't want it, you won't want it. But I think it's logical and not really their fault.

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  • I know a few girls like that, the High School Queen types. They have balloon heads because guys have worshiped them for their looks since forever. It doesn't last, because most of them lose those looks though.

    Not all "pretty" girls are that way though - also, once you realize that girls can be just as big of assholes as guys then it all makes sense.

    • Yep, there are plenty of smart girls that are pretty. Just looking on Facebook lately, I can see a lot of girls I went to high school with who are really attractive, but few people ever say it because they were more quiet and didn't hang out in the popular cliques. Guys can be really into status, too, and that's what I suspect is going on here to an extent.

  • Because they've had everything handed to them. Treat them like sh*t and they'll fall for you. Just like they fall for those other bad guys.

    • Some very good points by wilcou. YOU are acting like these same girls. How? By complaning you can't change a bad girl. Only they can changes themselves. You can play their game OR be yourself. You can't change them to like you as you are if they are damaged girls who go for bad guys. If you're so nice, why do you want a girl who isn't nice? And, no, girls (and all humans, for that matter) use emotion to make decisions, then justify with logic. Men are just better suited for that game.

    • I'll add one thing to this. Just continue to seek out the girls YOU think are attractive. Changing up your behavior based on the attractiveness of the girl (in your eyes) is STUPID. Be yourself, but a more confident, more flirtatious, more fun-loving, more honest version of yourself, and you'll be much more attractive to the pretty, smart girls you actually LIKE.

    • The hotter and dumber they are, the better. They'll do what you want if you show you're better than them.

      But on a serious note, there's not much I can say that the two other gentleman have already said. If you aren't willing to play the game that these other guys are playing, then you won't succeed. If you stop worrying about why pretty girls, ugly girls, or any other type of girl is being mean and look out for your own good (similar to how these jerks and douchebags are doing) then cool :)

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