Why are pretty girls so stuck up?

They go out with idiots then when decent guy comes along they flip and act like it's such a bad thing that he likes her (and she's probably just as capable of liking him too if she'd come off her high-horse)... No wonder they think actually being liked for real is bad, because they pursue bad relationships!

Why are girls so stuck up and shallow for all the wrong things? I know some aren't, but a good chunk are.

Uh oh. 1 star because some girl thinks I have no idea what I'm talking about!
so do girls ever come down off their little "cloud"?


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  • it's called a (b****) shield, since they get approached by so many creeps. They need something to keep away the creeps. Yet at the same time, it's also a double-edged sword. Many times they miss out on a nice guy because of it.

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  • because people treat them like they are better

  • Well, in the defense of those who genuinely don't know what you're talking about, they might not have known it was going to be a bad relationship, started relying on the nice guy for support, and when the nice guy stepped up to say HE was interested she flipped out because she (1) wasn't ready, (2) immediately imagined the same destructive relationship cycle starting all over again, and (3) was afraid that she'd lose her confidante.

    It's not necessarily a matter of being on a high horse; it's just a matter of fear based on prior experience.

    • who are they to judge from past experiences when they have a brand new one right in front of them? you can easily tell if a new guy is like an old ex, if he looks like bad news, he probably is, if he looks like a genuinely great guy, then he probably is.

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    • I know, but you'll be okay.

      Funny thing about life is that regardless of the whirlpool of drama that slaps at us from time to time, if you just remember to keep breathing and putting one foot in front of the other, it all passes and you'll be stronger for it.

    • i feel that after all this time, its still there, yet I've grown more and more numb to the emotional pain and such, is it me just moving on, or trying? ...or am I just getting stronger?

  • some "nice" guys can be really creepy and obsessive. those are the ONLY ones I've ever turned down.

    I'm not stuck up at all, I have extremely low self-esteem, even though guys tell me I'm pretty all the time.

    • Ehh a lot of times that's really not the case. a lot of times a guy just really wants to be with you for the right reasons. and maybe it scares you or something, or you aren't used to that kind of attention. its never usually a guy like that that will wind up breaking your heart that's for sure. a lot of times girls turn down love and haven't a clue. he feels all the emotions, maybe you don't, maybe he believes you're the right girl and it scares him, there's a lot of factors.

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    • Lol I wouldn't go that far... occasionally they look a little strange, but a lot of guys just look clean-cut and put together and the girl thinks he's a creep

    • You are only seeing what you have met. Girls are all over the place more compatible then that last one. Women being women are just that no more. Be careful dealing with anther so called women it means nothing that she is hot. because she is a female and has a hot toe nail. Really get a clue and move on from that lost clueless thing that talks to you. Find that special one and you will find a trail of trash talking to you with only what pleases them... Don't listen to anther listen to your heart.

  • I think the main reason so many girls are like this is because somehow they've gotten it into their heads that 'physically attractive' means 'superior'. And when people believe they're superior to others they begin to treat those they see as 'lesser' appropriately- by debasing them, ignoring them, rejecting them, and asserting their own importance.

    At the same time it must have something to do with their insecurities- because when you're pretty on the outside and horrid on the inside (and are aware of it) it's impossible not to feel insecure when approached by someone whose personality is obviously more attractive than their own. And when said personality comes in an average-looking body with an average looking face, its easier for 'stuck up girls' to hide behind their outward beauty and dismiss others on the basis that they're simply not pretty enough for them.

    • Sad... :/

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    • Some do, some don't. I think it all depends on who they ultimately wind up with- both boyfriend/husband wise and friend wise. if the people around them continually reinforce the idea that its personality that counts, then yeah- they've got a good chance of changing. But I've seen bitter old women who never learned soon enough that they needed to change.

    • This is true. It's somewhat a fact of life but true. I own a business and hang out with mostly others in the same boat. Some of them tend to rationalize themselves as better because they make more money. I guess that's a guys' tool in his insecurity tool chest.

  • not all pretty girls are stuck up. I have learned the more stuck up, the more they have to hide. and for those girls, they usually have to hide a lot. Aka: they are socially retarded. Most stuck up girls are searching for some kind of high caliber guy that reaches her "standards" and if she is rude and stuck up, you don't fit those. Most girls like that usually don't learn, each relationship failure usually just results in more snottiness...

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  • Because that decent guy doesn't realize that girls want guys to be superior to them and not equal. That's because people are still stuck with the goddamn age of the ancients, and all they revolve around is "masculinity and femininity" and can't get over these retarded concepts which make us all unequal.

    The decent guy cares too much for others, this causes fear to develop and girls are like fear-detectors. If they detect fear, they immediately either sympathize with you and want to help you get out of it or leave you to suffer (which is more likely the case with about 97% of human population). They would either just let you be and never talk to you because you're unworthy, or tell you "I like you as a person but I am incapable of being in love with you and I wouldn't mate with you, ever."

    And I wonder how you would like it if you had some really annoying, unattractive and ugly girl hanging on you all the time when you're trying to hang out with your friends or would be busy with life and your issues. It's the same thing, you just don't see it.

    • Yeah but I'm not an annoying ugly guy, and yes I've been there with annoying ugly girls following you around... it's not fun.

      I do act a little differently with a girl I like, I tend to talk more than usual and get nervous, but I would honestly think that's natural.

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    • Here we go with the pick-up artist routines again. Keep in mind this is American women only. Go to any country where men are viewed as superior and the women don't play like this. China, Japan, Australia, Eastern Europe, many Latin countries...

    • Well, we are in the western world though, we must adapt to it. But this clearly shows how all if this is only due to culture. xP

  • Thus,

    Hot girls usually grow up accepted by the larger society because they "beautiful" and grow up welcoming by everyone. We tend to accept those look more attractive than those less attractive. Therefore, they don't even have to work hard to attract men. All they have to find are men who make them go wild, crazy, excited, dominated, and busy from the "stupid world".

    They tend to hate the world because the world says, "No pain no gain". Therefore, hot girls tend to hate studying hard, majoring in science or because analytical or critical thinking is mind brothering for them. Mind pleasing is the answer for them.

    Finally, some of them know bad boys aren't going to be their future husband so they waste the time with them while you and I work hard and act nice buy for years cramming to create a better future for selves. There we eventually marry these hot girls who are tired of the game of playboys and are "settling" which is why single women (around the age of 30-50 year) are obsessed with the word "settling". But with who? THE NICE MEN! No more bad boy or loser! They end up in the bed of nice men eventually, which is really very sad! At least for me because I'm virgin! lolz

    Hope, my answer makes sense

  • How many girls have you really talked to? I've approached a decent amount of women and I've had 1, maybe 2, be real jerks. Stay out of clubs and off the Las Vegas Strip and you shouldn't have a problem.

    The girl below has a point about not thinking about how wonderful you are. Yes, I do think a lot of guys who don't date much are decent guys, but don't let it make you bitter. As humans, we all wake up trying to justify to ourselves how good we are. Try to focus on being a nice guy because you do nice things, not because you're not dating.

    The reality is most girls don't look like a Victoria's Secret model. Focus on girls who have similar interests and a personality you like. Figure out what that is and where to find that girl and then get to work. The right girl will become beautiful to you. I'm not saying date a girl who's a foot shorter than you and weighs just as much, but realize that you'll accept her for who she is if you find someone you really care about.

  • Because they've had everything handed to them. Treat them like sh*t and they'll fall for you. Just like they fall for those other bad guys.

    • Yeah but that's not me. I would never treat such a great woman badly. maybe a decent guy just isn't meant to have a beautiful girlfriend :(

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    • I'll add one thing to this. Just continue to seek out the girls YOU think are attractive. Changing up your behavior based on the attractiveness of the girl (in your eyes) is STUPID. Be yourself, but a more confident, more flirtatious, more fun-loving, more honest version of yourself, and you'll be much more attractive to the pretty, smart girls you actually LIKE.

    • Some very good points by wilcou. YOU are acting like these same girls. How? By complaning you can't change a bad girl. Only they can changes themselves. You can play their game OR be yourself. You can't change them to like you as you are if they are damaged girls who go for bad guys. If you're so nice, why do you want a girl who isn't nice? And, no, girls (and all humans, for that matter) use emotion to make decisions, then justify with logic. Men are just better suited for that game.

  • i gave you five stars because this is true. Although I do get the women I like (however I find out I don't like them quickly), I believe this is so because I am truly happy that I'm single. I do notice that women do like idiots, this is mainly because they are idiots themselves in a nice package. I've also noticed that women don't respect a guy for his good qualities, like hard working, loyal or honest. These are women that don't really want to be married or have kids they just want to have fun and say some day they will settle down but someday never comes. see most women are not very intelligent and most people are not very intelligent for that matter. people do like drama, its in our nature, some sort of something that makes them feel like they have something going on in there life. see I derive my mental stimulus from my studies and activities however many people do not think in abstract ways and have no real hobbies so they make relationships hobbies and they get all their kicks from these types of men. how many times have you heard of people being in a long sh*t relationship until they finally wake up. then the drama starts again with another. I wouldn't worry about these girls because by the time the realize what's going on they are nearing 30 and been f***ed so many times its kinda gross. us as men have an upper hand in this. as we get older we gain value to a particular women those that want kids and a husband with good money. we also have the advantage of going younger. studies show that the happiest marriages are between men and women were the man is older by 7 years. I wouldn't worry to much about this man because we live live in a culture that doesn't value the family. since when did staying home and raising kids make become something bad. now we send kids to day care and I'm not for that. though I am all for equal rights and do want my girl to stay home and raise the babies if she makes more money them me I would gladly do it, I'm a loyal family first kinda guy. duty, honor, country that's how I live my life. see many women don't want this. they were sold the lie of believing that women can act like men and be happy. although studies have shown that women are now less happy then in previous generations. see I work hard and I can't give large amounts of my time to women. however the women you describe need that attention that a man with goals and drive just can't give her. sometimes I'm busy all week and all weekend I don't expect a women who does not have the same going on in her life to understand that learning how to derive chemistry identities using multivariable calculus doing research on nerve cells is hard and time consuming and if I'm going to be her life its ain't me babe. these are the women you are talking about. do you really want them. let them do there thing man just be a good guy make your money and go younger that's my advice to you because a good women from a good home will see you for your good qualities.

    • I'm not reading the whole thing, but there is one good point that the OP is guilty of as are many guys... these girls sometimes date idiots because they too are idiots. It's not them lowering their standards. It's that YOU as the guy think they're not "idiots" because they're hot. Why? Because we see attractive people as better. They're not. But it's your fault for assuming they're such a great person before getting to know them beyond their looks.

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