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What does his staring mean?

First of all, how can you tell if a guy is starring at you when he's wearing sunglasses? This guy rarely looks at me unless he's wearing sunglasses.... Show More

What Guys Said 1

  • First you can not tell if he is stearing it you with "good" sunglasses that's why poker players wear them. If he is always facing you it sounds like he likes you but mabey just to shy to do anything besides stare. If you likehim next time he stares smile at him and see if he does the same things as you do, body movements and such.

What Girls Said 1

  • ... you don't really know for sure if he's starting because of the sunglasses

    it's impossible to tell

    and staring doesn't really mean anything because it's done for many reasons .. one being he thinks your cute

    the best way to figure it out is to tlk to him ... don't ask why he's staring, just strike up a convo .. it's helpful that he isn't shy so it should b easier

    just tlk to him and feel out the situation ... it's a lot easier than trying to figure out if he's staring at you and if so why


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