Girls how do you let a guy know that you don't like him?

Are you completely open and honest about it?. Or do you beat around the bush, so he can get the hint. I am in that sort of situation where I really don't know if a girl likes me but is playing hard to get or she doesn't like me at all.


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  • If she fluctuates between being distant and distracted, and being attentitive and looking at you, then it's likely she is playing games and has a level of interest in you. If she avoids you entirely and dodges all contact, she's not keen. Good on you for being patient with such immaturity, though.

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      For the most part she ignores me BUT she has smiled at me, she has also acted shy, embarrassed when I have been around her, look tense plus she has also made a move on me, but that was only once. Recently though she acts like she is pissed off at me.

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      Well her acting 'coy' every now and then definitely implies an attraction on her part.