Girls how do you let a guy know that you don't like him?

Are you completely open and honest about it?. Or do you beat around the bush, so he can get the hint. I am in that sort of situation where I really don't know if a girl likes me but is playing hard to get or she doesn't like me at all.


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  • If she fluctuates between being distant and distracted, and being attentitive and looking at you, then it's likely she is playing games and has a level of interest in you. If she avoids you entirely and dodges all contact, she's not keen. Good on you for being patient with such immaturity, though.

    • For the most part she ignores me BUT she has smiled at me, she has also acted shy, embarrassed when I have been around her, look tense plus she has also made a move on me, but that was only once. Recently though she acts like she is pissed off at me.

    • Well her acting 'coy' every now and then definitely implies an attraction on her part.

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  • This varies greatly from person to person, but in general, if the guy is a friend, we give him subtle hints at first so as not to hurt him. There is a high chance that she wouldn't tell you off unless you bother her upto a certain limit although she can tell you politely which is okay. Look for her reactions. How does she respond when you tease her, joke around, flirt with her etc. That should help you know. :)

  • if the guy is a creep, I generally blow him off/ignore him. if I like a guy, I will not just tell him I like him unless he has openly said he likes me/has asked me out on a date. I suck at telling guys I don't like them, especially if I like them as a friend. I usually don't make an effort to talk to them as much like fb or exchanging numbers, unless he has to get my number for class or something... see, but what's messed up about that is that I get really shy with a guy I like, so I may do the same thing - give him signs that I don't like him and signs that say that I do like him with signs that say we're friends lol

    mixed signals can sometimes be unintentional ways of defending yourself against rejection. if I stay at the cusp of friendship/romance, I can bounce back to friendship easily if the person isn't interested and I can also pursue the romance if they are interested. I try and get that balance of flirtiness/friendship with a guy I like and I stay friends with the guy I don't like.

    what is this girl doing that makes you think she doesn't/does like you?

    • Well she ignores me and brushes me off, but sometimes she gets closer to me and I have seen her looking at me and act "shy" as well.

  • Usually I'm the first to admit my feelings, but that's because the guys would have to flirt or just behave in a very obvious way for me to notice they are interested. I personally am not good with hints and prefer things to be very straight forward. Mind games aren't cool when you don't know for sure if the other person is interested or not, but if you know, then it's more fun, stimulating, and can be quite sexy.

  • I try to give hints that I don't like them, however if that didn't work, I would say, I don't like you that way or something like that, maybe through text because I'm too shy to say it to someones face.

  • I'd tell him straight up but be nice about it =]

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  • I'm going through something similar. In fact. I'm about to call her in a few minutes to find out :D