What does it mean when you catch a guy starring at you?

I am in college and I have a TA teaching one of my classes. I sit by the door so when he walks in he tries not to look at me ( you know you can tell one someone doesn't want to look at you) but when he starts to teach the class, I catch him looking at me constantly and we made eye contact several times. When someone else asks a question I catch him looking at them then he will take a quick glance at me and look back at them. I even catch him looking at me when I an writing stuff down then I look up we 90% of the time make eye contact. He is very cute but I won't act on anything while in college but I am just wondering if he is into me and what to do about it?


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  • Most of the time, I'd say the constantly making eye contact is a clear indication that he's interested in you. However, since he's your TA and you're supervising his teaching, he's more likely just nervous. The fact that you supervise his teaching kinda suggests you don't trust him (even if it's required by your college). From what you said about the timing of his glances at you (when asked a question, for instance), he's just feeling a little insecure - probably not used to teaching - and is hoping you'll bail him out if he gets himself in trouble.

    If I were you, I'd let him know he's doing well, and see how he responds.

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