Can men be faithful?

OK so looking in the past with me, I was cheated on by all my boyfriends and even had one of them drill in my head that men couldn't say no to any women and would never just be with one for the rest of there life. Now I'm with a amazing man who treats me great. We have a one year old baby girl and we are engaged! We have been together for 2 years or more. At the beginning I had no crazy feelings but now I have alot! We are almost always together and I know he will never do anything on me! But I can't get these feeling to go away. HELP!


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  • I have been in your spot almost every boyfriend I have had has cheated on me! Its hard to get that out of your head but you got to remember your not with the ex's your will a new guy who IS good to you! I know its hard but don't let the past run though your head or you might lose him because he will feed off you mood and if your always thinking bad then he will feed off that and will not be in a good mood either. Just take a breath are remember that he is with you and only you and he picked you for a reason. Keep yourself busy and its ok to have time apart form one another, time apart makes you grow closer because you have something to miss! hope I helped, good luck girl

    • I can tell when he feeds off of my moods! IT SUCKS!!!!

    • Yeah been there done that myself! still having that problem just keep you head up the best you can and TRY to stay postive

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  • I haven't cheated as of yet, nor do I plan to. Personally, I doubt that I would be the type to do that. So there's at least one.

    I think that it dpends on the guy you choose and want. There had to be something that drew you to all of these guys, (maybe there was a problem that you didn't see as a problem) where they all cheated.

    You have some issues to look at. You have to understand that there's a gut instinct, there's a sense of something not being right. There's also now a bunch of triggers that you might have that come up because of some emotional issue, or something he's doing, or that you're doing, even perhaps unintentionally that is making those flags go up.

    I was cheated on. Whenever the last girlfriend would say something similar to things the cheater said, red flags went up. But, I had to realize that these signs weren't really the same signs. I have to say, not to brag or anything, but I learned to be pretty decent at that. You can learn it too.

    You have to be aware of these things, and smart about them. Listen to your gut, then use your brain. If both agree, then there's the time to react - but with calmness. You have to let him know about your past, if he doesn't already, so that he can learn to adjust, or remind you to adjust how he or you behaves.

  • If all your past bfs have cheated on you, it's difficult to get those thoughts out of your head. Not all men are the same. Think of it as shopping for clothes. Not all clothes fit you the same. Just by having a child and being married doesn't mean life will turn out dandy, you'll still need to work on it and communicate to each other. Have faith your relationship will work out. Also friends and family are usually a good judge of the person you're with, get some feedback.

    • The thing is that he know everything! I'm at the point now that I don't want to tell him anymore because its just getting to be to much for him! He has done nothing to me but still gets the third degree

  • yeah I know how you feel, I've only had 2 girlfriends who both have cheated on me, the only way I think you can make that feeling go away is to keep telling yourself that you can't hold what your other boyfriends have done against him, and more than anything time.


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  • I agree with iknowiknow communicate with him let him no how ur feelin but every guy is different and things seem 2 b going very well so don't think the worst or u'll end up pushin him away

  • ok, seeing as you have no female input yet, I'm going to tell you something.

    Please, if this guy seems for real about being with you, and has never ever given you a reason to doubt him, please DON'T GIVE HIM THE 3RD DEGREE!

    You doubting him is going to make him become distant and basically start thinking, if she thinks I'm unfaithful now, despite everything I do, then what the hell is this for? I do agree below that marriage and a baby don't gaureentee anything. Both of those actually add stress on your relationship. Trust me my ex-hudsband cheated on me 2 months after our baby was born. There are no guarenttees. The only thing you can do is be the person he feel in love with.

    Dont nag

    Dont become clingy

    Give him space to do things by himself

    And be interested in his interests

    Granted this works both ways. There is a saying I've heard and I want to tell it to you since you are getting marriaed please keep it in mind through out your marriage becuase I want yous to be more succesful than mine

    'Men get maaried to a women hoping they will never change, women marry their man with the intent of chaging him."

    Just love him for who he is and hope for the best. ^^ Congrats and good luck.

  • It all depends on the guy. Just give him your trust. You can't make things that happen in the past hinder your future!

  • every guy is different just because a lot of them did it to you doesn't mean they all will I had a male friend that when he was single we used to fool around but every time he had a girlfriend we would just go out and have fun but never hooked up in a sexual manner not all guys cheat just some guys like the thrill a little too much or they just feel so bad about themselves they have prove to themselves that they look good buy hooking up with all the girls just remember every guy is different