Can men be faithful?

OK so looking in the past with me, I was cheated on by all my boyfriends and even had one of them drill in my head that men couldn't say no to any women and would never just be with one for the rest of there life. Now I'm with a amazing man who treats me great. We have a one year old baby girl and we are engaged! We have been together for 2 years or more. At the beginning I had no crazy feelings but now I have alot! We are almost always together and I know he will never do anything on me! But I can't get these feeling to go away. HELP!


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  • I have been in your spot almost every boyfriend I have had has cheated on me! Its hard to get that out of your head but you got to remember your not with the ex's your will a new guy who IS good to you! I know its hard but don't let the past run though your head or you might lose him because he will feed off you mood and if your always thinking bad then he will feed off that and will not be in a good mood either. Just take a breath are remember that he is with you and only you and he picked you for a reason. Keep yourself busy and its ok to have time apart form one another, time apart makes you grow closer because you have something to miss! hope I helped, good luck girl

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      I can tell when he feeds off of my moods! IT SUCKS!!!!

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      Yeah been there done that myself! still having that problem just keep you head up the best you can and TRY to stay postive