If he's rejected me, why is he staring at me?

I like a guy I work with and I thought he was giving me signals that he liked me too, so I got up all the courage I could and gave him my number. No call and no text, and it's been a couple of weeks now.

So okay, blatant rejection, he's also been acting kinda awkward around me, okay I get it, he doesn't know how to handle being around me anymore, fine.

So why the hell does he keep staring at me? I mean I know that when you like someone you might think they are, but I swear, he does, I won't even be looking at him and yet I'd almost *feel* that he is so when I'd turn around and look in his general direction, I can see out of the corner of my eye that he's looking but his head quickly looks elsewhere. If I'm talking to him though, he doesn't directly look at me, he's always done this, if he looks it's for a brief second in my eye. He used to want to help me with things and get me to help him. He stutters around me also. From a distance though, I swear he sneaks glances! He doesn't ignore me, still says hi how are you and stuff, and then the other day he came in on his day off to talk to another girl (A friend of this girl's said she thinks he likes her, I know they get on but haven't noticed him flirting, but that's beside the point) when he was talking to her he was facing my direction when I was behind the till (There's a wall behind me so he couldn't of been staring at anyone behind me) and I swear I could see him looking at me, and so was the other girl, I don't know if it's just paranoia, but I felt like they may have been talking about me.

He hasn't said that he doesn't or does like me, took my number, but it's obviously a rejection if I've not heard from him, and yet he keeps looking at me and acting not himself.

Have I ruined this? Before I gave him my number he'd seem enthusiastic to see me and would seem to want to be around me, unless I'm reading too much into stuff. He used to smile at me alot, touch my shoulder/arm, brush past me, when he'd help me out with something he'd stand close to me. He's never been able to look at me, but I heard that guys who are shy aren't able to do that very well. He just seemed like he really wanted to know me.

I am so confused. He doesn't seem like the type that would get an ego kick out of this. So what's up with him?

I noticed that this weekend just gone by - he kept coming downstairs and near the till where I work. Again I don't know if I'm reading too much into stuff, what I was hoping was that he had come down to see me (I made that excuse all the tiem to see him)
And I joked around with him a bit later, went to give him something that belonged in his department, and called it a present, he didn't look at me but he smiled. I did the same again later and he joked "Another present? Thank you" and seemed a bit nicer.
To be honest, looking at my original question, I'm not sure if he does stare. Because if I think I do catch him it's off in the distance where I can't hardly see (I'm short sighted for one thing!) so he could be just looking in my general direction. cont.
If he's carrying something and he stops because someone's talking to him, if I'm near by I noticed that he looks out of the corner of his eye at me briefly. I gotta try to have a conversation with him, nothing heavy, but since all this I've clammed up!
So I'm still getting nowhere, but then I haven't really done anything to change the situation, I'm far too scared really, because I really need for him to initiate something in order for me to be confident enough to follow up, but if we're both shy. (cont
He'll not really talk to me around co-workers, when I say something, I know he listens but says nothing/barely anything. He definitely isn't his cheery self when I first met him & can't seem to hold a convo/start a convo with me...(Cont).
I've acted like I'm not bothered, friendly, all he'll do is smirk at me most of the time if there's a funny situation. We were at a meeting last week & I think I did catch him looking at me, our eyes briefly met and he looked away the second I caught him.
It's unfair that he can converse with co-workers fine, & even the girl that I swear fancies him (She'll actively go see him, go right up next to him, she still stares at me!) If he doesn't like me, have I made him THAT awkward? Just by giving my number?!
So me and this other girl (The one I thought he might of liked) we've started talking recently, and I did end up asking for her advice. She says that he's definitely single and that I should give it a go. The thing is since I told her that...
over the weekend he seems to be hanging around the same room area as me. But still no talking from him, if he does he acts like he doesn't really care. The in the canteen I was having lunch he came in, hovered in the background, but the girl came in...
And he started hanging around her, sat next to her, she was mentioning how she drunk texted him, and he was laughing and such...right in front of me he seemed to be flirting with her, and also asked her how she was since she had a bit of an accident...
which he bandaged for her the other day, again right in front of me. She knows I like him, and has said I should go for it, why is she letting him do that? And what's his deal? Is he trying to make me jealous because he wants me to chase him more or what?


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  • Don't listen to a word FunnyHunnyBunny10 says, she's just your typical sexist female. Now as for him being interested, I think he is. He sounds very shy, too shy perhaps, but you can fix it. You just need to give him a nudge. You don't need to make another move, but you just need to ask him straight forward, "Are you going to call or text me?" You can think up of a way that sounds nice or more polite, but something around those lines. Depending on what he says you'll find out the mystery of whether he's interested or not.

    Good luck.