If a guy "likes" a girl's facebook status a lot, does it mean he likes her?

(as more than a friend)

  • Yes
    47% (8)33% (4)41% (12)Vote
  • No
    35% (6)42% (5)38% (11)Vote
  • Other (explain below)
    18% (3)25% (3)21% (6)Vote
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This isn't about me, by the way. I'm trying to figure out if 2 of my friends like each other.


Most Helpful Guy

  • i think you're reading into it a bit much but its possible.

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What Guys Said 6

  • Non sequitur

  • you could ask him if he likes you

  • You're looking into the whole thing far too much. Other potential possibilities as to why someone would "like" a lot of your statuses:

    * They spends a lot of time on facebook

    * They agree with you alot

    * They throw 'likes' around as though they're going out of fashion

    * They think you're funny

    * They check your page frequently because you update more often than others

    * They're easily entertained

  • Probably.

  • It could mean that, but it could just be that he agrees with you or thinks you're funny


What Girls Said 3

  • Umm there could be multiple reasons... he could actually agree with what you said...That might be a little too presumtuous...

  • He could just be agreeing with her. I think you're looking into it too much perhaps. Not that it isn't possible.

  • not really I have guys that love my status updates and say so. some are married some are friends naw it's not a good indication sorry