Why does he always make excuses not to see me?

we used to talk for half a year things ended in April. since then we have hooked up some but it was always drama afterwords so we haven't since July. we don't talk either I guess we aren't really friends but if we see each other out we will say hi. he lives right up the hill from me, when I found out we both moved in this apt complex I asked him to hang out he said he'd come see my place and never did, then I asked him as a favor being a guy around the corner for something he said he'd help me then never did, I had to meet up with him to give him his friends phone and he had someone else call me and get it from me, and now I have to give him something of his friends that I have and he said he'd be home after school and it was cool if I dropped it off and now he's saying he isn't home. he said he will be home later but I have a feeling when I text him later when he said he'd be home he will make an excuse not to see me. why is he being like this? I'm clueless.. I wanna see him I wanna be friends I still like him but I don't know if he knows. help!


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What Guys Said 1

  • excuses=not interested anymore.

    • But he doesn't know I'm still interested and its not like I'm asking to hang out even stupid stuff like dropping something off at his place for his friend he makes an excuse not to but he agrees to it at first

    • He's probably confused and doesn't want to commit to anything yet.

What Girls Said 1

  • How often do you text/call/talk to him? He sounds like a guy who's may think you are looking for more out of the "relationship," whatever it was. So he's avoiding you either 1. he really is busy, 2. he's scared you want more and isn't interested. OR he has a girlfriend or someone else he's seeing and doesn't want things to be awkward.