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How to lead a guy on?

So there's this guy that's a total player, and he flirts with like every girl. I really like hanging out with him, cause he just makes me laugh, and... Show More

What Guys Said 1

  • That's cruel. Somebody alert The Legion of Men! We shall add her to the list of bitches you don't flirt with! Also someone warn him before it's too late!

    • If he's a player and a flirt than I think she has ever right to get a little revenge for all the girls he messed with and left heartbroken. As they say a "tast of their own medicine"? If it was a different situation I would say its slightly cruel but if the guys an ass then oh well :D! Lol

What Girls Said 1

  • dont listen to kaileb! I know exactly what you're talking about...guys always complain why do girls fall for the jerks and not the nice guys blah blah...sometimes it isn't a choice...you just happened to meet this bad boy and know what type of guy he is, you're aware he is trouble and will break your heart, and you're being cautious, nothing wrong with that! if anything you're doing the right thing by watching your back! very wise!

    i know its tough, to like someone and know theyre just playing you...but you still wanna test the waters and see if he will change and show something genuine...9/10 girls have been there and done that...and from experience I can only advise you to talk it out with him, the sooner the better! ask him what he wants and call him out as a flirt...its the only way he will realize you're not some toy and can see right through him...and let him know you do like him but you're not sure if you can trust him. Communication, bluntness and straightforwardness is the only way to get around a player, because everything else around them is a game.

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