How to lead a guy on?

So there's this guy that's a total player, and he flirts with like every girl. I really like hanging out with him, cause he just makes me laugh, and feel comfortable. I don't want anything actual to happen between us, cause that would just end badly for me.

But we are really flirty with each other (in a fun way, not seriously). But lately I've tried ignoring him, cause I've started to notice I'm falling with him. But the more I ignore his advances, the harder he tries to make me jealous and get my attention. He's been all over me lately (in a really obvious way too, and I am sure he's leading me on.

So how do I turn my flirting up a notch (without like actually kissing or saying I like him), and totally mess with him? Yeah, I know that leading each other on is f*cked up, but that's what adds the fun in our messed up friendship.