At age 41 being single never married and no kids ? Feels like I have been sentenced to life alone!!

Hey Ladies is it a turn off for a guy that is 41 and single to ask you out?

Why is it every time I ask a woman out under say 38 they say I am too old!

What if I want Kids and a Family ..I do like younger women say 21 and up!

I may should just accept that I will be alone and God Willing I won't live to be a lonely old man!

Is it wrong for me to want a younger woman?

or should I just accept that I am Single for a reason? Please no rude comments!

Hey thanks everyone...I guess I waited too long in life...I will just give up and be alone...I don't want to be thought of as a weird pervert!
As the Holiday season approaches I see all the couples and all the kids and realize what I have missed out on in life...It saddens me...Thanks for the support but I realize this will be year 42 of being single and it sucks!


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  • My boyfriend is 8 years older than me...i know that's not much different, but it is quite a gap...& don't give up.

    You won't be alone. I thot having a kid with a douche bag would turn all guys off...but I found the one...unexpectedly & in my own backyard, so to speak. He's my mom's best friend's son! haha.

    Whatever you do though, don't lower your standards!

    Good luck!

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      Thanks...I am trying to stay positive...but I feel like my clock is ticking and my time running out!!

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      That's what my boyfriend feels like...he's 27, almost 28 & he thot he wouldn't be able to find someone....but that's how I felt too when I had my son.

      Don't'll find someone...just don't know how old she'll be lol!

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      I get it ...LOL...I would like a younger woman..I am a young 41...I should have listened to my friends 5 years ago when that would have been acceptable to date everyone tells me forget having kids..I don't want to accept that