I still miss my ex and it's been 4 months. Need some advice, still confused.

I still miss my ex and its been 4 months. He didn't give me any answers and I haven't heard from him since we split. I still don't understand why he ended things, our relationship was great


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  • the relationship may have been great for you, but maybe it wasn't for him. you haven't been able to move on as fast as youd like because there wasn't really any closure. here's th ething: not everyone is going ot give you closure, your best bet is to take things slowly and do it at your own pace. make sur eyou have friends around, ones that won't bring back memories of him, meet new friends, maybe start a second job to pass the time and its alwasy a great way to meet new people. or get one if you don't have one, anything to pass the time. try starting a new TV series, again anything to keep him off your mind. go out, have fun, meet guys and give htem chances, but again at your own pace. the only cure to your emotions right now is time and time it will take. just keep your head up and try to start the process of moving on, he hasn't given any indication as to why you broke up or that he's interested in trying again. if its meant to be it will be, but you don't want to miss out on any chances you may have to find a better guy that will treat you the way you want to be treated.

    hope this helps, GL