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Peeing while Dreaming?

Alright so I've heard of this from many people and am curious to see if you have also experienced this. Have you ever had a dream, where in the dream you are peeing then you wake up and realize you actually have peed yourself? I've heard that this is quite common amongst pre-teens and teens.

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  • lol that used to happen to me all the time but I think I'm a little more conscious of it now... just take care of business before bed every night that's how I stopped it ;)

What Girls Said 2

  • I've had dreams about peeing, but I've never actually peed myself.

  • I've done this twice...onetime I dreampt about peeing in the ocean and actually peed myslef and my sleep

    • 3mo

      Oh... poor you... However it could be even nice while you were peeing... a very hot moment... ft er a while it becomes cold and uncomfortable I guess

    • 13d

      an the other time?

What Guys Said 1

  • lol I've had dreams about peeing or pooping and I've never actually done it in my sleep, but whenever I've had a sexy dream and j***** myself, well, that's a dif story HAHAHA!