How long do guys wait to text a girl after giving her his number?

My crush and I have been sending at least 56 private messages back and forth to each other on facebook. He finally sent me a message with his number and he asked me to text him. I texted him so that he would have my number too. A day has past, I was going to wait for him to text me first, but he gave me his number so he's probably expecting me to. But if he doesn't text me, I am planning on texting him tonight. But how long would a guy wait to text a girl after giving her his number? And do you think he likes me?


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  • Most guys are stupid and follow some arbitrary number of days to call or text a girl, its stupid. He doesn't want to appear clingy or needy because he thinks you won't like it. Just send him a text and Say "Hi, What's up?". If you want to talk to somebody just do it, If they think ill of you for wanting to talk then maybe they aren't the right person for you.

    If the text convo goes beyond a few texts and it seems like he's not immediatly in the middle of something ask him to call you to continue the conversation.

    If you guys have been talking on FB and he gave you his number, most likey he likes you.


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  • Probably.

  • If the girl sent me a text so I'd have her number.. I'd text her back just a few minutes after I got it. Waiting over a day is something you do for people you meet at clubs and just want to hook up with for a night.

    • When I sent a text to him so that he'll have my number, he did text me back a few minutes after.

    • Ohh I see I misunderstood the question.

  • I wouldn't send that many emails if I didn't.

  • Text? Text?

    Text. Hm. Youngsters have such weird customs.

    I actually (get this!) call somebody with my OWN VOICE!

    The closest I get to "texting" per se is what I'm doing now.

  • "How long do guys wait to text a girl after giving her his number?" If I give a girl my number and she didn't give me her's back, the ball is in her court. I can't magically pull her digits out of the air.

    Perhaps your question should be rephrased.

    • haha... nice one, Didn't catch that =) ...she did say she sent him her number though.

  • He probably does if he talked to you that much and obviously wants to talk more.

  • it depends on the connection you make when you meet

    if its kinda not tht good,u would wanna text her sooner and start chatting and build it up

    if its kinda solid,u can wait for probably 2-3 days just to play a bit hard-to get:)

  • Probably. Any flirting in the messages?

    • Yeah a couple times.

    • Then I bet he does.

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  • I would say yeah because every guy who has every messaged me on fb has always turned out liking me. I think that since he gave you his number is must want to chill with you sometime. You should have messages your number back and told him to hit you up sometime if your nervous about hiting him up first. But I wouldn't get carry away- look for other signs...

    • I texted him back so he has my number.

    • K cool.

  • Don't text him. Wait for him to text you, and when he does, say "I would really like it if you would call me." If he doesn't, then forget about him and move on to someone who will actually call you!

    • I wouldn't follow this advice. Don't give up on guys so easily.

    • I wouldn't actually like wait by the phone. Just go about your normal routine and if it's meant to be, it will be.

  • usually the next day