Why do women like to go barefoot in a park when having a picnic?

I notice that a lot of women seem to like to take there shoes and socks off when sitting on the grass at a park weather its a picnic or just casual sitting. Why is this? Is it just comfortable? I mean I would like to try that to but I don't see a lot of guys with bare feet when they are sitting on the grass without a chair. I'm sure it just feels good. But why women more so then men I guess is my question.


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  • simple, barefoot is SO much more comfortable, especially if the grass is really soft. plus it's wicked nice to just lay out on a blanket with your toes being able to breathe. But like goodmandave said, I don't usually go barefoot if I'm walking around just because I never know what's lurking in the grass. I LOVE kicking off my shoes when I'm sitting at a table, whether it be at lunch;bookstores;etc.

    Not sure why dudes don't go free-foot. my only guess is perhaps some guys have some major BEASTLY feet and don't want to frighten people hah. if that's your case, clip your toenails + shave your toes = sexy feet ready to be shown off


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  • I'm sure there isn't really a reason, perhaps women are just more confident to go barefoot? Why not start a trend and go barefoot the next time you're just chillin' at the park? The feel of cool grass on your feet is so much more comfortable than have your shoes and socks on. Try it. And like I said before, there probably isn't an actual reason for it. And start a new trend for guys, go barefoot the next time you're just sitting at the park for a picnic or mid-day chat.

  • I love to go barefoot. It is such a nice feeling. I remember one time when I was wearing a new pair of shoes with a rather big heel and had to run to not be late for my exam, so I took off my shoes at some point and just started running without my shoes on lol that was a sight to behold I think. Me running through half of the university. Quite embarrasing, but really funny :D

  • Well, I dunno--I have seen guys do it too, and I feel that men who do it are secure and don't care what others think. If you want to do it, do it--no one will fault you.

    And yes, it does feel good of it's that soft cool grass and not the prickly kind.

    Go for it hun, it isn't woman or man thing.it's all a matter of preference and what you feel comfortable with

  • I don't think there's really a reason, but I will personally go barefoot whenever I can - I hate shoes, and socks are even worse! The second I am in the car, in a house, or in the grass, my shoes go off. I would walk around stores barefoot if I could! Maybe I'm just a free spirit. :P

    Some of my guy friends like going barefoot, too. I think it's just a personal preference - I've never really thought about it.

    I would recommend it to everyone, though, it is so much more comfortable!

  • i think its rude if you go to a picnic and eat with your feet all exposed, unless your at the beach.

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  • Yeah, I never understood the whole bare feet thing. Grass is prickly and gets between your toes, sidewalks can have glass, etc all over. The only place I'm EVER barefoot is the bathroom after a shower of course, or downstairs getting something when it's bedtime. Otherwise, I'm at least usually in socks if not shoes.

    One girl I dated used to love it because I'd rub her feet. The surprise was that her place was always a dump, and she'd have broken glass and junk on the floor, so I never understood why she was always barefoot in her room, other than she claimed she was on her feet all day at work (but still, in a messy room with stuff all over the floor, I would at least wear slippers).

  • It is part of my culture to go barefoot in the wild. Like the feel of the grass on your feet, makes the heels thicker and stronger and brings you closer to nature.

  • I'm a guy and I love going barefoot every where. I go barefoot as much as possible.