Why do women like to go barefoot in a park when having a picnic?

I notice that a lot of women seem to like to take there shoes and socks off when sitting on the grass at a park weather its a picnic or just casual... Show More

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  • simple, barefoot is SO much more comfortable, especially if the grass is really soft. plus it's wicked nice to just lay out on a blanket with your toes being able to breathe. But like goodmandave said, I don't usually go barefoot if I'm walking around just because I never know what's lurking in the grass. I LOVE kicking off my shoes when I'm sitting at a table, whether it be at lunch;bookstores;etc.

    Not sure why dudes don't go free-foot. my only guess is perhaps some guys have some major BEASTLY feet and don't want to frighten people hah. if that's your case, clip your toenails + shave your toes = sexy feet ready to be shown off