Ladies, do you really wonder why guys are hesitant about marriage? (look in the mirror)

Hmmm..let's see...

70% of divorces are initiated by women...(sure some are probably due to abuse...but can that really account for the disparity? there's no way)

-We have more to loose. You get the kids ( except for every other weekend and Wednesdays yea , its like being a second class parent)

-Outrageous child support payments. Basically we got to foot a bill for kids but get limited involvement in their life...

So, if you wonder why guys are too afraid of commitment, look in the mirror and you'll find the answer.


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  • Wow you went right to town. Bashing the entire women population! First of all I'm getting pretty sick of people pointing blame at the opposite sex on most of these topics. It women that cause divorces? Um how can you say that have to talked to every single divorced person. I think not . Its 2010. People its time to get it in your heads that these relationship problems such as divorce does not have anything to do with a specific gender. Stop generalizing.

    This isn't even a question your just venting about women.

    Why can't anyone understand whether we are male or female. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. And every issue we have in a relationship with the opposite sex. Is unique to that couple.

    A guy cheats on me or plays me does that mean that all guys are like this NO! It means this specific PERSON was like this. I'm so sick of listening to guys bitch and complain because girls make all guys out to be assholes and cheaters and players then go and do the same thing! Stop being a hypocrite! stop blaming a gender on stupid sh*t like this. I

    Your basically saying that all women are the problem. Well I'm sorry to tell you but you argue that guys are all different and have different views what makes you think that all girls are the same.

    So, before I write a novel here just wanted to put it out there. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE as I previously stated stop stereotyping women! Stop Stereotyping Men. and finally YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Its about the PERSON you are NOT the GENDER. Good day! :)

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      number don't lie so calm down lady

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      1) Why are most divorces initiated by women then? If "we're all people"...why is one gender seem so much more willing to divorce?

      2) Regardless of whose "fault" divorce still get screwed in court all the time. That's just a reality.

      3) This question is dirceted art girls that whine about how guys "lack committment" I'm explainign why guys have a right to standoffish when it comes to marriage...They have more to loose..and ttheir wife is more likely to divorce them against their will

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      Ok, and I addressed that issue in the question...yes men are usually the abusers...but if you seriosuly think that nealry all women get divorced because they're abused...ur delusional...I mean 70-30%...u really think that disparaity is explained by abuse? get real.