What does it mean when someone say it's tasty?

ok I was singing while my while my teacher was playing the guitar with me...after we practice I said to him "I hate y voice" and then he said to me "that was tasty, very tasty"...lol he kept saying it...like what is he trying to say?...

"I hate my voice" and then he said to me "that was tasty, very tasty"...lol he kept saying it...like what is he trying to say?...

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  • people don't understand musicians. that was tasty is a compliment saying that was really good. nothing sexual, creepy or weird about it. he was telling you what you were singing was really good and he liked how it sounded. exapmle- after playing on the drumline, if I played a cool lick, someone could say "that lick was tasty bro" and I would say know right? or thanks. take it as a compliment and nothign morehope this helps

    • because people jump to conclusions before finding out the whole situation or being informed properly. that's life I guess.

    • he is so not a creeper...everyone get over it you just don't understand do you people...and what is with the creep thing...gosh it's like that's all you people know that one word...

    • Ohhh first time I heard this slang, ha ha lucky your teacher wasn't a creeper after all... Or is he...,

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  • it means you have a classy style...tasty being short for "tasteful," not over doing your vocal part, just adding a right amount of all the elements...

  • its a slang term that's just a way of saying "that was nice." it was originally coined by jack black in the movie School of Rock and it just sort of caught on.

    • oh ok

    • was probably more of a regional thing then

    • people were saying it wayyy before school of rock haha

  • Drummerdude27 hits the nail on the head. It's a lingo used by musicians (and I think, moreso jazz), that means it was good.

  • He was singing the Kellogs Bran Flake advert to you, "Tasty, Tasty, very very tasty...! link

    • As an australian, I should point out that I have never met anyone in Australia who considers Neighbours and Home and Away as anything less than the TV equivalent of exploding colon syndrome. Now you are free to continue on with your socially acceptable racism.

    • um mm dude have you forgotten I'm not Australian...so you just made a fool of your self...I'm fro the USA

    • lol this guy is so serious...I don't hate you're country I mean I just don't like the accent lol...that's all...and if you hate ours I'm not angry...i meant like I don't think he knows that song cos I don't...dude calm down...no need to be angry...i didn't meant it in a rude way you're stupid it's just how I talk that's all...

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  • your so vain you probably think the saying about, you.don't you ?

    • haha that's hilarious :D

    • a creeper like me lol

    • honestly I'm not rude or anything and I'm not imagining things but he actually said it to me as a compliment right in front of my face I heard the exact words when I finish practicing singing with him while he play the guitar...after I said I hate my voice and then he said to me that sounds tasty very tasty he kept repeating it...my whole point is who the heck compliments like that?

  • Maybe he was thinking of other things being tasty.

    • Maybe if he was from another country (like the difference between U.S. and U.K. for example). Without being there, not sure what is going on. Wish I could have been more help.

    • he said it right in front of my face so I hear the whole words exactly what he said does he want sex or what?...this is creepy

    • It's called a Freudian slip or perhaps he was trying to hint that he wants to go down on you. I recall blurting out in a conversation with my first sergeant's wife that she was sexy. I turned beet red, slapped my hand over my mouth, and she decided to walk away. Nothing was said to her husband but I didn't intend to say what I was thinking just then.

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  • it means your'e a good singer. he's probably trying to be hip and cool lol

  • Lol it means he liked it. Sounds odd but could be his way of saying it was tasteful & enjoyable. Don't get creeped out by that. Lol

    • I believe he just said that the whole guitar+you singing was tasty. It was good, and it sounded good to him. It flowed well y'know? But who knows, maybe he is a perverted pedophile who wants to taste your cooca

    • I agree with this girl, don't listen to the guys bullsh*t answers lmao. Sure you can't twist it and MAYBE it actually is a sexual advance or whatever... but probably not. Depends HOW he said it. Knowing the words is one thing but KNOWING how he said it is another. Its for you to figure out, but I guess your voice was tasty lol. Its a weird adjective to use, sure, but I can see myself saying that if my mind can't find the right word and just choose something random haha

  • Your teacher should not be telling you any part of you is tasty, your voice included.

    • his not my singing lesson teacher his a teacher but his performing with me...

  • creeperrrrr D:

    • Beneath the panties are... Another set of panties!

    • papasmurf needs some luvin. Creepy luvin.. D:

    • dude what are you on about lol...?

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