What does it mean when someone say it's tasty?

ok I was singing while my while my teacher was playing the guitar with me...after we practice I said to him "I hate y voice" and then he said to me... Show More

"I hate my voice" and then he said to me "that was tasty, very tasty"...lol he kept saying it...like what is he trying to say?...

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  • people don't understand musicians. that was tasty is a compliment saying that was really good. nothing sexual, creepy or weird about it. he was telling you what you were singing was really good and he liked how it sounded. exapmle- after playing on the drumline, if I played a cool lick, someone could say "that lick was tasty bro" and I would say know right? or thanks. take it as a compliment and nothign more

    hope this helps

    • omg thank you :D...best answer :D

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    • he is so not a creeper...everyone get over it you just don't understand do you people...and what is with the creep thing...gosh it's like that's all you people know that one word...

    • because people jump to conclusions before finding out the whole situation or being informed properly. that's life I guess.