Why do black guys get so upset when a black girl likes a white guy?

This is something I noticed in general anytime I point out a guy who is hot and white to black people my friends are like "oh you like white guys... why?" and I don't think I need to explain myself to them... I mean you like what you like, and I prefer white guys I don't get why other black people make it out to be such a HUGE deal? I have been hit on my tons of black guys and I just personally prefer not to date black guys because I am not attracted to them but that's my business


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  • Actually.. I don't. If you don't like black guys...fine lol, because I date white girls all the time lol. Now what does make people mad is that Black Guys MARRY white girls at a much higher rate than White Men marrying Black Girls. Now...I could talk about why I could choose white chicks over black chicks but...that is a whole different debate and it might end up on CNN.

    • I'm all for interracial relationships, but this has to be the WORST answer ever.

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    • No, don't, I know now that you didn't mean it that way.

    • I am a black girl, and I could care less if you only want white girls... I don't associate myself with white wash tho.. I would never go against my own race... you sound ignorant and you have a slave mentality. I bet you won't be accepted by rednecks or predominately white areas. so sweety you sound stupid saying you don't like blacks when you are black fool... Yall can have each other..lol

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  • No, that seems irrelevant.

  • I've never noticed something like this at all. I see it portrayed on films, but that's about it. Like that movie "Money Talks".

  • It doesn't bother me. Go for what you like. As long as people are happy and are with who they want to be with its cool with me. Because I don't even think about race when thinking about a girl. No discrimination ;-)

  • Racism, cultural attitudes who knows. A black girl I know married a white guy and her parents disowned her, telling her to find a "good black man" instead. Shit I think they still tell her that and she's been married to him for a few years now and they have at least one kid.

    • Yeah my parents have no problem with it at this point

  • LOL. I've known two black guys in my entire life - they go to my college. I've known two black girls my entire life. They're like 14 at the minute, and in different towns from those two guys. And one of those black guys has a white girlfriend, so he's not talking.

    So... Never really... Been an issue I've noticed. Hahaha.

  • Personally I used to think 'white guys can't do it like me' simply bcos I believe the most raw sex is between 2 people of the same race...but I've got one or two black friends with white bfs/fiances (we're all Christians though) and I get a good sense of that masculine power from the guys. So I'm pretty sure they will take care of business after marriage, if you know what I mean. I just want to see my sistas looked after and getting good loving, lol and I know white guys can provide that so there's no fuss here...its a racism issue

  • i have no problem with it, but you need to stop worrying about black men and be happy with your man as simple. For me, I like all races I don't really care what races are because I want to believe in true love that it.


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  • it's very controversial in the aa community for a black girl to date white guys. connotations of slave rape, being taken advantage of, mammy submitting to a white man, and selling out all have something to do with it. personally unless the white guy is 10x better than the black guy in everyway (looks, money, status, way he treats me) I wouldn't even risk my reputation like that. I mean if you hang out with mostly white people it wouldn't matter, but if you hang out with black people it's probably not a good idea depending where you live

    • See that seems like a problem in the South maybe but here in OH it doesn't matter. My boyfriend lives in Louisiana and I don't know I think I would worry about it more if I was there but here its kinda like... whatever. My best friend is like you though, she would never date a white guy EVER lol

  • I thin the real reason stems from when white people thought they controlled and were better than black people. Many black people probably still resent white people for the way they treat them, and the fact that many think they are better than black people. So when black guys see a black girl going for a white guy, their defensive instincts kick in and they automatically see it either as the black girl trying to fit in with the whites because she thinks they're 'superior' to black guys, or they see it as white guys trying to rub in their face that they are better than them because they're women prefer to date white men then to date their own race. Either way they see it as their own race preferring to not date them.