What does it mean if a guy defends you?

so me and my crush and his siblings were having a snowball fight and his little brother threw one right at my eye and my crush came over and tried to wipe my eye and then he threw a snow ball at his brothers face so what does that mean


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  • i just think that means he has the ability to recognize the right thing to do, and the kindness to do it. as for hitting his brother...theres nothing more fun than hitting your brother with a snowball


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  • Bottom line... the reason a guy defends you is so he can rest assured that your bajina will be avaliable for him tomorrow morning. That's it. Nothing heroic, nothing supernatural. It's for all selfish, pu$$y gain.


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  • It means he's a good guy, and probably likes you.

  • i think he likes you :D

  • it definitely shows that he has some concern over you. but it could be just a masculine response to protect you seeing your a girl. does he show any other signs of liking you?

    • yes he does he used to lay on me and play footsies and throw things at me but he got a girlfriend and now he is single again so it's really hard to tell

    • well the only way to really tell is to be honest. playing games or just guessing will get you know where. ask him how he feels about you.

      if your to afraid to do that though, look at body language. like if he stares at you, positions his body so he is facing you, if he touches you a lot, tickling. stuff like that.

      or even ask his friends or brothers, if they joke around about you guys dating or liking each other, he most likely likes you.

  • it doesn't mean anything. you are his friend. that's what friends do. stop reading so much into it