Annoying upstairs neighbor

I've got an annoying upstairs neighbor. She's always stomping around her apartment, making way more noise than is required when walking. Does anyone have good tips for how a downstairs neighbor can cause a noise hassle? Anyone ever had an upstairs neighbor complain about their noise? What were you doing? I know plan A is to go up there and ask her to keep the noise down, but if that doesn't work, I need tips for plan B.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like my ex-upstairs neighbor! I used to remember hearing him go to the bathroom at 3 in the morning & toot his horn! LOL Something lovely to listen to while trying to get to sleep.

    Though this maybe not be the best advice either (a) Go up & tell her that you can hear her. She might not be aware of it! Personally if she did it in the afternoon I wouldn't care that much… but if she were be-bopping along 10,11, 1 in the morning… that would get old after a while. Like I said… she might not even know! Better 2 ask 1st! Or (b)… tell your landlord. Depending on where you live depends on what you can do with the apartment.

    I know in the old place that I was in I couldn't do any alteration without approval. That & if it's a newer place, the walls maybe paper thin… & even with extra drywall… it may not stop the sound. But the best advice that I can give (as much as you'll love it) if (a) or (b) don't work… is (c) get used to it. Till either you or she moves out… I doubt things are gonna change!