How do I stop acting so nervous around girls?

I can't even talk to them. I just sit there with my hands in my lap looking all nervous and fidgeting. I act quite awkward when I am around them or even see them.

I get along quite well with old, old ladies and the girls that I don't find attractive, it's just the girls that I find attractive.

I don't think I'm a bad looking guy or anything, but I'm really self conscious. I get loads of compliments and lots of girls approaching me and stuff, but I never follow up on anything. I just sit there quietly or run away.

I even had a girl ask me if I had a girlfriend. I said no then I walked away. I didn't know what else to do lol. (I actually can't believe I did that. she was REALLY pretty)

I can never keep eye contact if they see me staring at them. If I know they are staring at me, I can't look at them. I'll pretend like I can't see them.

I was home schooled my high school years, so I kinda got really shy and stuff. I sorta developed a phobia of talking/looking at girls?

I started college a couple days ago. I didn't make any friends. I'm like the only quiet one in my ALL my class. I'm always sitting there with my hands under the table looking straight at the board. I don't think I said one word to anyone, even the professors. I usually just nod my head if it's a yes or no question.

It's kinda scary because everyone around me is older than me.

I look like a little kid . lol some guy thought that I was 13. (I'm 18) I don't think anyone ever believed me when I said I was 18.

Today while I was sitting on the bench waiting for my ride, there was a girl that smiled at me,(I smiled back) then she sat next to me. (There was a free bench across from me, so I'm pretty sure she was interested?) We didn't say a word though. I was fidgeting the whole time. It was like this for 10 minutes. What do I do if I see her again?

Then in history I had a girl keep staring at me. And then when class got out, she kept looking over her shoulder at me(4 or 5 times). We didn't say a word though.

(There's others, but this is getting pretty lengthy. Those are just the most recent ones.)

I'm starting to feel bad for all these girls that approached me, but I "rejected" them in their eyes or give off a "not interested" vibe.

Apparently lots of girls find me attractive or something(not trying to sound arrogant or anything), but I lack a lot of confidence. Any help/suggestions?


Most Helpful Guy

  • do you lack confidence in other areas besides dealing with girls? (it sounds like you do, if you're the only quiet one in class)

    it sounds like you need to build up your general self confidence; there are lots of ways of doing this, depending on your interests. some people take acting classes - that way they learn to "act" as confident characters, and you can try out being different sorts of people without having to change yourself.

    another good option may be to practice public speaking - toastmasters is the most famous group for helping people with this & there's probably a chapter near you if not at your college campus. learning to speak in front of people in a formal setting will help you with informal environments as well.

    finally it seems that you're reasonably good at expressing yourself in written form, so it may be that one way to show a particular girl you're interested is to put some thoughts in writing rather than trying to approach her face to face. this may be an old-fashioned approach but the effect might be novel enough these days to get you some interest & help you break some ice.

    finally finally, once you hit the legal age, it's amazing what a couple of drinks can do relax your inhibitions - just take it easy since it's not hard to make a fool of yourself this way.

    good luck