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He treats me like a queen. Does that mean he is really into me?

unsure if he is sincere about it since he has a live at home girlfriend whom he says he's not happy with all the time but we been dating for 3 months... Show More

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  • It sounds like he's really into you, but, geez, are you going to end up being the live at home girlfriend he gets bored of and decides to play around with other women? I'm astonished at how many girls get themselves into situations like this and think the guy is going to change. If he's doing it to her, he will almost certainly do it to you as well, regardless of how sweet and into you he seems. I'm sorry but I truly believe that. Best of luck either way.

    • Yea I know but I'm just enjoyin the moments with him. I'm not trying to steal him away from his girl. I mean, he's not married and I'm just havin fun with him physically and mentally bu I hear what your saying. he even said he's not boyfriend material. so we both know what this is about and are just enjoyin each other until this thing dies. I mean were friendswith benefits and I feel so good with him.

    • If you were just friends with benefits then you wouldn't be dating you would jsut be doing each other, lets e honest us girls are never enjoying the moments when we like a guy , we get attached and that's why we get hurt

    • Ur right and I started feelin that way with him too and we really did try the friendship thing without the benefits but its like when we get together, its so natural for us to act like we are together because we are still so attracted to each other. I know that I'm puttin myself in a situation to get hurt because I do b wishin he would leave his girl for me and most likely not anytime soon bu I know he will because he said after her, he wants so bad to b single and have fun for a while. So yea, its on me.

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  • Well, I would say he was into you, but what about this live at home gf?

    Why doesn't he get rid of her? Sounds he is into you, but sounds like he has deeper attachments somewhere else

    • Yea I feel that he likes me a lot 2 but its not easy 2 just get up & leave ur family. yes, they have a son together & they been together for 4 yrs. they don't even sleep and the same bed & I saw this myself when I went over 2 his place. he sleeps on the couch. so there fire is out but his son, he did say, he wants to try to make it wk out with her for his son's sake but he keeps complaining that she doesn't do anything to improve the relationship and how bad he wants out. I think he jus feels trap

    • Well, sounds like a bad situation for him indeed. Shit, too bad he is not 'single' huh? Cause indeed, I think all the actions he's done are 100% indicative of a guy that actually is into a girl and not there for the fun and games.

    • Yep. I do feel he's sincere. that's why I just try my best to be friends and just enjoy our time together but it is so very hard. I just don' know to control my feelings when I'm with him. its not love. its just a strong like and like I said when I kissed him last night out of all the other kisses, I felt something I can't even describe that felt hypnotizingly good if tha makes sense. it just felt real nice that I just felt consumed and it. ??? don't know what that was

  • lol I don't mean to be so negative, but he's trying to play you. He leaves he's girlfriend @ home, and wastes time with you having fun.


    • Ur wrong. he actually does more than have sex with me and all that stuff he is doing is not all 4 nothin if a guy is just wasting his time. you don' know what the hell you talkin about.

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  • WTF honey he has a live-in girlfriend I don't even have to read the whole thing (but I will anyway) to know that he is playing you. If a guy has a girlfriend already, his intentions with you are nothing good. Honestly I think the guy has manners and isn't a complete barbarian, he seems like he knows how to treat a woman but that doesn't mean he is real. He just knows how to game and cover it up better.

    • Hmm...maybe. time will tell.

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