Why do girls not like nerdy/geeky guys?

Well, I think my problem is basically because I don't go out of my way to be popular, or "Sexy," or whatever. I don't think I'm ugly, I'm just smart and like weird stuff (band, computer stuff like components etc) but I like normal stuff too. *shrug* I don't know. Just a bit old of meeting a girl that's interested in me then finding out I like band or something, then watch her be like "Screw this." It just gets old, and I have friends who go through the same.

I just thought I'd rant a little bit, and get some feedback. Thanks everyone. :)

Ha apparently people are still answering this. I'm still single, but whatevs. I will say that all the girls who aren't shallow already have men. :P Anyway, hey. :P


Most Helpful Guy

  • hey you should be proud to be nerdy and weird...were the ultimate male :P we not some high school moron who plays football with bulging biceps ooo I'm so strong ooo haaa were not some high school musical zac efron pretty boy oo I'm so cute and every girl loves me

    nah were the ones who have imagination

    were the ones who do what we want when we want and have no cause of concern when it comes to pretty girls

    ..we actuelly read and not just magazines >.<

    we watch a variaty of movies anime normal horrors geeky fiction ect ect we broaden our knowledge to better ourselves I once had a 4 hour conversation about quantum physics and how a lightsaber can be made and how a stargate can be created if we can get to saturn lol it means were smart and were not sheep who follow dress sence :D have a nice day