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What does "we are more than friends" mean?

what does it mean when a guy says that you're more than friends but not boyfriend and girlfriend. then when I asked him what that meant he said, "idk... Show More

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  • Basically it means he needs more time to figure things out.He wants more than friendship, and most likely wants to be bf+gf, but he only wants to "get there" once he is sure it's the right thing to do.For example: if he is only getting to know you, he may need to be a little more sure that things are going to work out rather than end up being a short 1 month relationship.Another example: if he had a recent breakup or something, he might want to be sure his feelings about his ex are gone, or that he is able to let his heart go in the way a girlfriend deserves.He knows its too soon for you to be bf+gf, and believe it or not, it would be unfair to you to get there without him being ready. It'd be like a lie. So he is honest to you, even if that may have put him in a little bit of trouble or got you a little bit mad.Just give him some time. when he asks you to move forward, it'll be for real, or if he ends things it'll be for the best.

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