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Why do chicks look towards the ground when I pass them?

Is it because I'm butt ugly? Or are they shy? Or what? What's up with that girls? Help me please!

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  • People--not just women will look down when they are simply feeling self-conscious. Once a person passes a certain range of proximity they sometimes get uncomfortable with making eye contact with a person.The next time you're out walking, try noticing how many men as well as women look at the ground before passing you. You'll probably see that it's about 50/50. It probably has nothing to do with how you look. And anyway, how would we know why they are looking away from you if we have no idea what you look like? :PIf you weren't attractive at all, girls likely wouldn't look at you *at all*. So chill out and don't think about whether or not girls are noticing you. It's when you stop noticing them that they'll start noticing you.

    • Thanks :) Awesome answer. Yea I forget that people are self-concious, and I should keep that in mind.Cheers

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    • JC2001 You seem really angry over a unimportant subject. Oh and learn to read the questions before you answer, I was asking girls for help. Or maybe you like wearing skirts

    • Now you know what I look like :P I just put up my profile pic :)

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  • when people get shy or embarrassed they look away

  • I look towards the ground because I like to see where I'm stepping. I also don't like make eye contact with strangers, I'm weird like that.

    • :P Yea but what I mean is they will stare me out for ages and when I finally look at them they look down. Go figure.

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    • Maybe :) Thanks for the feedback.

    • yeah, I'm not stepping on any rocks. pff

  • Agree with the best answer. But also if you have a habit of making direct eye contact with people, it may be that they're trying not to reciprocate and indicate they're interested. Chances are a girl isn't going to start flirting with a guy she's just walking past in the street, and/or doesn't necessarily want him to hit on her and start thinking she's interested when she isn't, or she's just being friendly. I definitely do that lol - I always try not to make eye contact with any guy I pass in the street, because whenever I do, they almost always come up to me with a string of questions ending in 'where's your boyfriend?' or at least make a pointless remark. Sometimes they're irritating and sometimes they're decent guys, but in all cases, I'm not looking. So I avoid, um, looking. Lol =P

  • It's really a product of how women have been brought up over the generations. Until recently, it was disrespectful for a woman to make eye contact with a man on the street. We can't help it if we do it...it's a learned habit. On the other side, though, I also do it more when I think a guy's good looking and don't want him to catch me staring. :)

  • they might really like you and turn away, but it could be that there not interested

  • well I have to say this but I don't know that all girls are like me because some girls are a lot more outgoing and daring than what I am . But when I pass a guy that I like, I feel kinda shy...yeah I'll eye him out when he's kinda faraway,but when he's real real close I "freak out" and look somewhere else. As if like because of some super power force I can't look at the guy! Weird huh?

  • If I see someone ugly I don't usually look towards the ground, I do that more with hotter guys, but I still don't look at the ground maybe just not directly at them all creepy haha. More often then not, it's because the girl is shy. You're looking into it way too much so I wouldn't stress out about for one more minute :)

  • they are probably shy and/or find you attractive

  • iShy.

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