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Guys: How do you know if you have chemistry with someone?

Question as above

Girls can answer too

Chemistry as in a "intimate connection" not the course LOL

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  • If they have the same class on their schedule, like if you have Chem 120 and they're also signed up for Chem 120 at the same time.

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What Guys Said 12

  • If you feel a bond with her and you always want to be with her.

  • You just know. You feel close to them. You have an understanding with each other like nobody else. You just click.

  • It's so cliche, but you just know.

  • I don't think most of this is chemistry, I think most answers fall more under having a crush. At least to me.

    Chemistry to me means that you can tell when somebody's having a bad day no matter how hard they try to hide it. It is a deeper understanding. You know what they're thinking and vice-versa.

    • I agree, I think that all of these answers can have something to do with it, but on a more 'spiritual' level, it's about the special connection

  • I wish I knew myself, people just say I give her that look. We know what each others thinking, we can do anything without spending money, we don't argue, we just work.

  • Well if he sticks it in and you guys are doing it and you both come then you got it.

  • When I want to slip it in.

  • this may sound stupid but, chemistry is self evident. you know it exists because it is there, when you talk to them, when you look at each other, by the way you feel when you are around that person. I personally can tell chemistry is there by the way we converse, our conversations have a certain type of energy, and we can talk about everything and nothing all at the same time.

  • when the slightest touch literally makes you feel warm inside.

  • When she's all I can think about. When all I want to do is be with her. When I get excited when my phone goes off because I'm hoping its her

  • If you have to ask, you don't!

    • haha, this question had nothing to do with me personally but thx :P

    • Now this is a GOOD answer!

What Girls Said 6

  • Chemistry is just something that happens naturally & cannot be controlled. You just know because you feel it, there is no scientific answer.

  • Well, just like you said, it's an intimate connection.

    For me it's about feeling like you're one with the person.

    Feeling like you both bring the best out of eachother.

  • chemistry isn't really that important for the success of a relationship. it is compatibility that should be taken into account.

  • I used to meet a guy, I think we have chemistry. We can finish each others' sentences, and it happens lots of time in the conversations that we flipped out the same words accidentally. But things didn't end well, now he's going out with another girl but we're still friends.

    So I guess chemistry is not always about lovers.

  • if you always have to smile when you see him/her and if you feel unsecure and shy when he is near you but at the same time you would like to push him against a wall and kiss him

    • I wish girls were like that around me

    • haha I wish guys were like that around me ^^

    • I would be like thatvwith a girl but I am to anxious to do that stuff.

  • I think it's more when you can talk to someone for hours and never get bored. You have a deep understanding of the other person, and vice-versa. You can have chemistry, an 'intimate (close) relationship', with your friends and your husband, but I'm sure those two types have their differences.

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