What do women mean when they say: Tall, Dark and Handsome?

Hey, so I've been reading up on this site ( I'm fairly new), and when women are asked what they find attractive (physical-wise) most of you say tall, dark, and handsome and I can't be the only guy wondering what's actually meant by this and how I fit in.

Tall: I know this is subjective but what constitutes as tall ( I'm 5'11 is that considered tall?)

Dark: Does that mean hair colour, eye colour, skin tan or all of the above? ( I have brownish hair, would that still be considered dark or does it have to be black?)

Handsome: What makes a man handsome to you?

Lastly, if you could only pick one of the above traits for your partner which would it be and why?


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    Tall: that depends on the girl really. I men if the girl is tall say 5 feet 10 inches then the guy would need to be taller then that. Most of the time if the girl is average then yes something like 5 feet 11 inches is tall but again it depends on each girls idea of tall. I like my guys between 5 feet 10 inces and 6 feet 4 inches.

    Dark: Mysterious looking. Or exciting looking. Can also mean have a "bad boy" look or a confident sexy look. When most girls say dark they are referring to the attitude the guy seems to have. Not the skin hair or eye color.

    Handsome: That's different with every girl. To me it would be nice arms, taller then me ( 5 feet 10 inches or up to 6 feet 4 inches.) short hair, nice teeth.

    If I could pick only one then it would be tall. I like to be able to look up into my guys eyes, and I like to be able to lean into him when he is holding me with out having to worrie about hitting his head. lol

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      hmm it seems pretty well every girl wants her man to be taller, would a guy being a bit shorter than her be a deal-breaker?

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      Thanks :)

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