Why do men hate women?

I was reading this question & a girl asked what men think of women. All the men's responses were negative, all of them. They seemed to be very hostile against women & hold a lot resentment. Why do men hate women, what is it that they want from us?




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  • I do not believe men actually hate women. When you ask me what I think of 'women', I think of a negative image because whenever someone discusses 'women' in general, it's either a man complaining about women, or women complaining about how women are so much better than men. So when a general question like that is asked, all the hell of battle of the sexes breaks loose.

    And by the way I am totally against any kind of gender superior crap. Battle of the sexes is disgusting and sexist.

    So I think if the responders actually thought of real women in their life, while there are the ones that hurt them, there are also the ones they love and forgot to mention. I suppose it would seem anti-male to talk about how great women are. Imagine if there was a question the same about men and the women started going "Men are so amazing, and we love them. They are such caring beautiful beings who are so good at fixing broken things...etc." Think what reactions that would get from angry feminists.

    So newsflash: feminists are not the only humans who don't want to appear submissive to the other gender.

    Feminists have also had another part to play in this. If a man said "We love women, women are tender and soft. They are such beautifully emotional beings who care for the home and hearth and children," then they would appear to be anti-feminist and oppressive to women.

    So in short, there are two stereotypes to choose from: the traditional woman and the feminist woman. The former would make the man seem like he is an asshole, so the latter is chosen, but the latter is portrayed as unfriendly toward men, so they are not going to be friendly to her either.

    And yes, they will choose a stereotype because it's a stereotype question. In reality, there is no one set of ideas that can characterise all women, same with men. Some are nice, some are not, etc.

    Hope this helps :). WE DON'T ALL HATE YOU REALLY!

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      most stereotypes, sadly?There's a REASON the stereotype exists in the first place, LMAO

      oh, NO... not each and every one you meet will fit whatever stereotype exists for them, but... always a majority do, ha ha

      I'm not bitter, I'm just a REALIST... men spend/spend/spend... do/do/do... and women just sit back and rake it all in... financially, presents, favors, emotionally... THEN they typically discard us for a richer, more slave-like replacement, LMAO... not ALL, but... *most do*

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