Guys, why do straight guys act gay with their friends?

Is it just the people I know? or does a lot of guys joke around like that?

- I mean it is funny at first but it gets weird/obnoxious


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  • like what? touching each other huggin each other sorta thing? I don't know because it weirds people out and we like to see their reaction... now if theyre playin gay chicken and stuff... prob really gay

    • touching each other, grabbing each others balls, saying dirty things to each other, always say how their really gay

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    • I'm not participating.

    • i was at a party and this one guy asked my friend to play. my friend didn't know what it was so he agreed the dude came in with his toungue it was so funny! my friend spat for around an hour it was truly hilarious... girls are weird


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  • i do that with this one dude at my work. it's just funny, no big deal.

  • Um, they might actually be gay. I may be the one that's weird here, but there is no ball grabbing or dirty talk with my friends. That's gay.

  • Because is bromance you just don't understand lol

  • We might be all jokey but we don't go as far as gay, most the time. :)


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  • Actually, it's recently been researched by behavioral scientist trying to understand social issues with homosexuality in modern culture and the connection to the social stigma with the concept of femininity. Socially, once boys hit a certain age, it is no longer acceptable for them to find physical comfort in each others' presence without it being sneered upon as 'weak', 'girly', or, most commonly, 'gay'.

    The same behavior - Hugs, hand holding, close physical contact - is considered perfectly acceptable and is seen as normal for females.

    Therefore, to anchor their masculinity while compensating for the physical interacting their natural instincts crave, males turn it into a joke, a game, or a challenge, therefore muting the 'affection' of the interaction.

    Basically, with the birth of tough heroes such as the John Wayne Cowboy and other brawny lonewolf idols, the fear of being feminine made guys stop physically interacting in affectionate ways and that has, over the decades, translated into a fear of being seen as 'gay', leading to many of the 'games' guys currently play.

    If the concept interests you, I would suggest C.J. Pascoe's Book 'Dude, You're a Fag Masculinity and Sexuality in High School'.