Why are men so tempted by women?

If I happen to see a very attractive man, I don't lose control or even lust after him. I just acknowledge he is attractive & forget he is even there. I might approach him if he seems like a cool guy, but he doesn't have this power over me... But with men, men seem to have a power over them. Entire civilizations have been ruined because of man's desire for a woman. And if a man sees an attractive woman, he lusts after her & may lose himself. Women are tempted by men also, but not nearly to the extent men seem to be. Overall, men are just very tempted by women. Why do you think this is? Do men have more hormones, are women more attractive, are men sippin vodka... Why do you think this is?


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  • First things first... women are more attractive. Ain't not parts on a guy I'm interested in. Just saying, but movin along:

    We live in, and always have lived in a culture where the guy has to pursue the woman. Its been that way for ever, and will probably be continued to be taught as such. Women can talk to a guy and get him without a problem half the time and its OK. Just a little tease, or even just a smile. Guys have to work and go after the woman, and often times it simply just feels natural... since people like Nick Sparks ruin it for guys by making the standard so high (omg the notebook, now I have to dance with her in the rain and lay in the middle of the street to show her I love her?), guys don't think twice, they just do it because its expected. Women tend to play hard to get much more than men do (not to say men don't do it either, but in percentage... women have us beat there...); and if you really find her attractive, you've got to work for it.

    Now adays you can't even get her name without bending over backwards and doing her list of demands.

    That and yeah... men are probably sippin vodka, since you know... women don't apparently do that.

    • I think it's more than just what the cuture expects. I'm talking about how men seem to have this weakness for women. Some of the most powerful men that lived were destroyed by their sexual desire for a woman. Julius Caesar & Mark Antony were murdered because they were blinded with passion for Cleopatra. Many other great men were brought down by women... Don't take this the wrong way, but men seem to be weaker when it comes to sex. They really desire sex, & will risk a lot to get it.

    • If you're talking about men like that it is because their personality type is they see something they want and will do whatever it takes to get it.

    • Well not to seem rude, but women can almost get sex from any guy, not so much for men (minus the few "players" out there). I mean... a guy can only go but so far with his hand, lol. But jokes aside... people get murdered for all kinds of things, and many men will kill for their desires. Its called greed. Women, money, fame, and even success have come at the cost of one's life. Sex isn't the weakness, its the greed that make men weak.

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  • If it wasn't because of man's desire for woman and power, each and every person on earth would of lived right now on the ground without any technology or luxury what so ever. In fact we would of living so bad that Dark Ages would of seems like paradise to us. Everything revolves around something, everything is interconnected for purpose. Mother nature know exactly what's it doing.

  • i don't know what guys you associate with but not all guys are like that. simply because I can honestly say I've passed plenty of gorgeous women without walking into walls or drooling over myslef. (then again to me NO woman has got it like that) I do the same as you acknwoledge their attractivness and go on about my day. I could probably name a woman that go crazy over a male for every man you say go crazy over sight of a woman. but basically each person is different. some have slf control like you or me. then there are others that do not. also "some" women that go out do certain things specifically for the attention.

  • Haha, sippin' vodka for sure.

  • ...what? I'm not tempted.

    • But can you deny that men seem to be more tempted than women do when it comes to sex? You may have more control over yourself than the average male, but you can't deny that men seem to be more controlled by their desires than women are...

    • No, I don't think that's the case. If you want something and can get it with little effort, you would take it. That doesn't mean your desires control you. It doesn't take that much effort for most men to get women in bed these days. I'd say men, more than being controlled by their desires, have perfected fulfilling their desires.

  • We tend to think with our penises most of the time...

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  • Naturally men do have a lot of estrogen. They have more hormones and it's a testosterone thing. You know it's got a lot to do about what guy has what girl and how he may have won her over..sort of like the shows on Animal Planet and how the males get the female..Pride.. So it's hard for them to not turn their head when they see a pretty girl. And this is kind of funny but I was on the pill and it definitely effected me because it has so many hormones...

    • So you think it is because of hormones & pride? I didn't think of pride, that's a good idea.

    • Yea personally, I would think that has to be it, from what have learned about guys it totally fits. :)

  • that's how they're built, they have all this testosterone that makes them horny

    in the caveman days, them being tempted by women meant that they would end up having sex with them, thus spreading their DNA and keeping their lineage to pass on. they had to have a lotta sex because the rates of child death and survival was so bad

    plus women tend to be more attractive then men on average. there are more girls that take care of their looks and try to be beautiful than guys trying to be sexy. at least in my opinion.

  • Probably because men are way more visual than women it just controls them? I don't even know but I think it all has to do with how strong of willpower and sense of mind someone has.

    • Yeah, that visual thing probably has something to do with it.

      It's funny that you mentioned will power because I wonder sometimes why men seem to have less willpower when it comes to sex. I have desires too, but I can completely control myself. Where as men seem to have much less control than women when it comes to sex... Any thoughts on that?

    • I think that thinking or fantasizing about something an actually acting on it and doing it are two TOTALLY different things. If someone loses control and has random sex and they're already taken they're just a cheater. Most people are more rational and don't give into those impulses and desires just because they can.