Why does my ex always call and ask these questions?

He always calls and sometimes asks like if I'm living with anyone or moving in with anyone or if I'm at home at the moment. He always seems to linger on the phone also, like he wants to keep talking or doesn't know what to say next. And he will call, we'll talk and THEN I check my email and he had already sent me an email talking about what we had just talked about at the exact time that he called in the first place. So why does he do this?


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  • My ex did the same thing... he could see I was moving on and it was his way of trying to hold on to me. Unless your interested in getting back together, I suggest you just ignore it.

  • he wants you back ! he wants you to give him another chance .he is seeing if he's still got a chance ! that's happend to me before and I was right then ! he wants you girl good luck