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13th Zodiac sign just discovered? Does a guy's or girl's sign matter to you?

Apparently, a new zodiac sign was just discovered: ophiuchus (nov. 29th - dec. 17th). This shifts the whole zodiac calendar: capricorn: jan. 20 -... Show More

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What Guys Said 13

  • i have to be an aries now instead of a taurus? f*** that.

  • I don't even know what it means to begin with I know the constellations but that is all they are.

  • Wow. I am totally shocked.

    Well, no, I take that back. I don't care one bit in the slightest. However if this is true then it should show people who actually believe in this nonsense that maybe it's not as real as they thought. Making sudden changes to a generations-old belief system only does one thing: Destroys people's faith in that system.

  • Dude, WTF? I was a Virgo and got a tattoo of it on my leg, and now I'm a Leo...oi vei

  • To be honest, Zodiac sign characteristics or whatever are designed so that aspects of each apply to everyone to make them seem true. My b-day is Feb 12, so if I went by the updated calendar, I would be a Capricorn rather than Aquarius. I just read both on one website and they 'seem' very insightful and 'true', but really, people can very easily read something and adjust their perceptions of their own personalities, values, emotions, etc. to match what they are reading because they want to believe it. So, no I cannot rationally make any assumptions or judgments about a person based on their sign.

  • Well seeing as how science is now saying I'm a Leo instead of a Virgo, I think I believe in science less. Not, lol. I pay no attention to zodiac signs, and really don't care what a girl's sign is. Just let me know when to get her a gift for her birthday. Besides, astrologers originally cut out ophiuchus because they only wanted twelve signs, not thirteen, so there's even less credibility in it than we thought to begin with.

  • Well, now. Where once I was a Taurus, I'm now an Aries. My brother is now a Pisces (demoted from Aries), and my mother has been shifted back from Virgo to Leo.

    ...And my life remains unchanged by this revelation.

  • I'm just happy that I'm now a leo instead of a virgo. Lions are way better than virgins!

  • Couldn't care less how many signs there are.

    The fact that a lot of people get changed arbitrarily to something else that supposedly has different properties to something they identified with for life to date shows how bogus this is.

    It follows that I don't give a horse's patoot what sign someone is or was prior to the rebranding.

  • It's a group of stars in the sky, no it does not matter to me in the slightest

  • So instead of being a glorious hard to get along with LEO I will now be a malignant Cancer?

    No I don't put allot of stock in the Zodiac thing. The stars have nothing to do with it. However it is just possible that when one is concieved...and where in Earths orbit about the sun that point is could influence them.

    Different times of year means being born with different levels of Sun exposure for mama.

    Different levels of sun exposure can influence hormones, vitamins, diet available during pregnancy, neurotransmitters and mood, etc etc etc ... All things which can influence a baby's developement. So While the starts plural may have nothing to do with it. The time of year could matter.

    But then of course all of that would be a small influence compared to where one is born. i.e. If I were born in Haiti I would be in a world of hurt.

  • That's stupid! Screw that. I want to stay a taurus.

  • It matters a lot to me, because I ask if a girl believes in astrology. If she answers yes, I stop talking to her right then and there. Very effective way of weeding out morons.

What Girls Said 27

  • Oh. great. Now I need to re-self-identify. At least I can stop worrying about my ex now. :0/

  • Meh, I'm still a Leo lol. I don't put any real emphasis on zodiac chart. I just wanted to make sure I'm still a lion..

  • i was a leo and now I'm a cancer? wtf!

    • i always kinda knew I wasn't meant to be a leo, the personailty thinger never matched, its freaky now though, cancer matches so well

  • There has always been a third zodiac sign. If you were switched back, you always were. There are two different types of measuring zodiac signs: topical and sidereal. Sidereal is your ACTUAL sign (the constellation that was out on your birthday) but topical has stayed the same since the beginning of astrology.

  • I was Gemini but now I'm a Taurus? Wtf. Sorry, but I don't believe this crap.

  • I do not like this at all! I was a pisces and loved it. Now I am a freakin aquarius? I am so a pisces for life. I don't care what anyone else says >.>

  • F this I'm still going to say PIsces but to answer your question No doesn't matter to me

  • Ophiuchus has been around since ancient Egypt. That's not what shifted the zodiac. It was some change in lunar pattern that did.

  • I heard it only applies if you were born after 2009, so I'm still a Capricorn. If not I don't think I fit in the Sagittarius qualities. I really don't see why or who thought this was a good idea. To an extent yeah cause all my close relationships fit with what the zodiac says. A guy's sign doesn't matter to me but all my exes have been signs that I shouldn't be with lol.

  • WTF :O I call BS, that's like seriosly the most retard thing ever.

    Btw what if your birthday is on October 30th or November 23rd? Are you half and half? :-/

    • Or January 20th, like my sister.

  • wtf I will be sagittarius? not cool!

    I think it matters of you believe in the whole some signs are better suited then others. At the moment I'm Capricornnso I'm best suited to virgos and scorpios.

  • lol what is an ophiuchus? sounds like an octopus to me. lol I will have to be a Virgo? no way I like being Libra. And no the zodiac doesn't matter to me.

  • wow, I was a scorpio and now I'm a virgo?! I am having like a mini identity crisis! lol, I always knew I wasn't a true scorpio but dang... :(


  • Damn noooo. I am super shocked, I want to stay a virgo. Now I have to change my personality, Oh mon dieu, my life is ruined...(!)

    Seriously, I couldn't care less.

  • Cool I'm a gemini now.

  • I'll be lying if I say I don't believe.. xD But according to that, now I'm a virgo, instead of being a scorpio? No way, I wanna continue being a scorpio.

  • Actually, I just read my new zodiac sign description to just check and it is SO TRUE. Is this a bit odd?

  • sagittarius? I'm choosing not to believe this, I like being a Capricorn.

  • i don't believe in this but my sign has always been the coolest one and now you tell me that's not my sign :O

  • I heard it only applies to people born after 2009. Don't quote me though.

  • I think it can be fun to read about all the traits and horoscopes and all that stuff but at the end of the day it's just for fun and not to be taken too seriously. I mean if things can change just like that where now my sign is the total opposite of my previous sign, you have to really think before believing it. I mean come on people just because someone was born a few hours later (meaning they're the next sign) they're no different than if they were born a day earlier. I am me regardless of the fact I was two weeks premature. My friend is still himself even though he was four days late. Signs are nothing more than something fun to look up when you're bored. (At least this is how I see it, if I offended anyone I'm sorry...scratch that people who really truly believe in this stuff need to really think about what it means.)

  • Nevermind..

    The horoscope sign change is only applied to whom is born after November 2009 ...

    • not true. it applies to anyone who is born in the last few hundred years (at least that's what I was told)

    • I don't think so.

  • I thought my Cancer description was pretty accurate. I don't think I'm a Gemini personality at all. But I don't take astrology too seriously.

  • Actually, I'd hate to break it to you, but It was not just discovered, and You have it on the wrong days.the sign lasted only four days because of the earths tilt, so the modern system threw it out. Also the stars that they used for the zodiac have dramatically changed so The system is flawed, only the personality facts are somewhat accurate.

  • this bothers me. :\

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