13th Zodiac sign just discovered? Does a guy's or girl's sign matter to you?

Apparently, a new zodiac sign was just discovered: ophiuchus (nov. 29th - dec. 17th). This shifts the whole zodiac calendar:

capricorn: jan. 20 - feb. 16

aquarius: feb. 16 - march 11

pisces: march 11- april 18

aries: april 18 - may 13

taurus: may 13 - june 21

gemini: june 21 - july 20

cancer: july 20 - aug. 10

leo: aug. 10 - sept. 16

virgo: sept. 16 - oct. 30

libra: oct. 30 - nov. 23

scorpio: nov. 23 - nov. 29

ophiuchus: nov. 29 - dec. 17

sagittarius: dec. 17 - jan. 20

do you believe in zodiacs when it comes to relationships? does a guy's or girl's sign matter to you?


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  • So instead of being a glorious hard to get along with LEO I will now be a malignant Cancer?

    No I don't put allot of stock in the Zodiac thing. The stars have nothing to do with it. However it is just possible that when one is concieved...and where in Earths orbit about the sun that point is could influence them.

    Different times of year means being born with different levels of Sun exposure for mama.

    Different levels of sun exposure can influence hormones, vitamins, diet available during pregnancy, neurotransmitters and mood, etc etc etc ... All things which can influence a baby's developement. So While the starts plural may have nothing to do with it. The time of year could matter.

    But then of course all of that would be a small influence compared to where one is born. i.e. If I were born in Haiti I would be in a world of hurt.

  • Wow. I am totally shocked.

    Well, no, I take that back. I don't care one bit in the slightest. However if this is true then it should show people who actually believe in this nonsense that maybe it's not as real as they thought. Making sudden changes to a generations-old belief system only does one thing: Destroys people's faith in that system.

  • i have to be an aries now instead of a taurus? f*** that.

  • Dude, WTF? I was a Virgo and got a tattoo of it on my leg, and now I'm a Leo...oi vei

  • I'm just happy that I'm now a leo instead of a virgo. Lions are way better than virgins!

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What Girls Said 27

  • Meh, I'm still a Leo lol. I don't put any real emphasis on zodiac chart. I just wanted to make sure I'm still a lion..

  • I was Gemini but now I'm a Taurus? Wtf. Sorry, but I don't believe this crap.

  • Oh. great. Now I need to re-self-identify. At least I can stop worrying about my ex now. :0/

  • wow, I was a scorpio and now I'm a virgo?! I am having like a mini identity crisis! lol, I always knew I wasn't a true scorpio but dang... :(

  • There has always been a third zodiac sign. If you were switched back, you always were. There are two different types of measuring zodiac signs: topical and sidereal. Sidereal is your ACTUAL sign (the constellation that was out on your birthday) but topical has stayed the same since the beginning of astrology.

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