Guys, what do you think of your girlfriend hanging out with guys a lot?

I'm seeing this guy right now, and I told him from the start that most of my best friends are boys. I've gone to school with most of them for twelve years, I see all of them as friends/brothers. He is jealous...and he keeps saying "well, what would you do if all I did was hang out with girls all... Show More

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  • Well just like you said, if they were strictly friends and if I was able to place my trust in her (meaning, if she hasn't done something iffy before), then it would just be whatever. A lot of the time what guys are uneasy with are these other guys, not you. I'm not defending him or any guys jealous behavior because it really does cause problems, but guys know what other guys are thinking and just the things they do. This is what makes most guys uneasy, I'm sure your boyfriend trusts that you're with him for a reason.

    But yeah, if there was trust between us then I would think that her group of friends are guys.