What does it mean if a guy says he thinks you're too good for him and he's scared he won't meet your standards?

I have been talking to this guy for a month now. Lately I've asked him where his mind is and where he sees things going. He's really sweet full of complements, but when the topic comes up he says he's scared he won't meet my standards and that I'm too good for him. I def replied with why is he even bothering with me then and he replied because he doesn't want to let me go over dumb excuses he has right now? How am I supposed to take this (does he like me ect or is it a no go? lol) ?


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  • Simple he likes you, but he's not sure that you're gonna stick around with him.

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      okay. but what if he also says he s not sure he wants a relationship at this very moment ?

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      so with everything being said what would your judgment be with my situation?

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      I don't know him or you. You'll have to think about it, maybe take the lead and take him out on dates or invite him over to your place to watch movies and get to know each other some more.

      The more that he gets to know you and is comfortable around you the more likely he would say yes to being exclusive with you in my opinion.