Do guys not like sweet girls?

Time and time again I've always found that the guys I know go for the feisty, more violent girls. I had a friend who was always a bitch to guys and treated them like they were nothing and they just flocked to her. Guys loved her! I had another friend with a similar very dominant, feisty personality. Once again, guys adored her.

Then there's me. I'm the sweet supportive type and people tend to LOVE having me as a friend. I'm optimistic and friendly and never fail to cheer someone up. Unfortunately, that means I'm ONLY ever the friend. I have a friend who has a similar personality. She's got the very nice and sweet personality type as well and told me that she 'only the friend' for a long time too.

So what makes guys go for the dominant bitchy type over the sweeter supportive type? Is sweet too boring for them? Is it bad (in the realm of dating) to have this really sweet personality type?

These girls are also the type to lead a guy on and play mind games with him as to whether or not they're actually interested. Why do guys still flock to them, even with this knowledge?


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  • I'd prefer the sweet supportive girl over the fiesty dominant type. I definitely don't want the violent type; I bruise easy.

    What kind of guys are these that go for your friends? Are they the type you would want to be with because they may be getting the quantity of guys but not the quality you want?

    I think one reason guys may go for these girls is they are easier. Not easier in sexual terms, but easier to figure out. If she's a dominant personality, she's gonna let a guy know she's interested or willing to have fun. It'll take some work for a guy to figure out a shy, quiet type and whether she's interested.

    It's not bad to have the sweet personality in the dating world. Just make sure a guy knows you're interested and hopefully he has the courage to approach you. Guys don't need much, just smile and you should be golden.

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      I agreed entirely except for the last setence, tons of guys need a lot more than