Hot bartender...what do I do??

So there's a bar close to campus that I go to fairly often and one of the bartenders is pretty much physically my ideal guy. Whenever I go get a... Show More

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  • You may not want to, but I think you have to try this sober. If he's working he's not drinking, neither is he really a part of the social scene there. Figure out roughly when his shift starts, go in and just ask if he'd like to do something when he's not working.

    Men just like to be asked straight!

    Your current plan isn't working (I don't think it'll ever work) so try changing something (or give up)

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    • i'll be giving up then, I haven't ever walked into a bar sober and whether or I'm sober or so drunk that I'm holding on to thing to keep from falling I can't talk to guys I think are cute